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Salah : Ritual Prayer

Basics for Beginners
Basics for Beginners
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Details:  Basics for Beginners :
with English translation, transliteration and illustrations,
*[A5] Paperback Booklet - 56 pages,
by Islamic Promotions, South Africa.

Description :

Basic level book but with a wealth of information for all beginners to commence the ritual of Prayer (Salaah).  Includes the Kalimah (Testimonies), short Surahs form the Noble Qur'an which are ideal for Salaah, Wudhoo (Ablution) and its related Du'aas (Supplications), Salaah and its related Du'aas, Adhaan (Call to Prayer) and its supplications, and the Du'aas after the Salaah.

All supplications are in Arabic, with English translation as well as transliteration. Also includes images (diagrams) for the Wudhoo, Adhaan, and Male and Female Prayer positions.

Table of Contents :

---Did you Know ...?

---[1]. The Five Kalimaat of Islam,
--------Kalimah Tayyib, (Purity)
--------Kalimah Shahaadah, (Testification),
--------Kalimah Tamjeed, (Glorification),
--------Kalimah Tauheed, (of Allah's Oneness)
--------Kalimah Radd e Kufr, (Rejection of Disbelief),
--------Imaan e Mujamal, (Faith in Brief),
--------Imaan,  (Faith in Detail,
---[2]. Short Surahs for Salaah,
--------Surah al-Fatiha,
--------Surah ad-Duhaa,
--------Surah Alam Nashrah,
--------Surah at-Teen,
--------Surah al-Alaq,
--------Surah al-Qadr,
--------Surah al-Bayyinah,
--------Surah az-Zilzaal,
--------Surah al-Aadiyaat,
--------Surah al-Qaari'ah,
--------Surah at-Takaathur,
--------Surah al-Asr,
--------Surah al-Humazah,
--------Surah al-Fil,
--------Surah al-Quraysh,
--------Surah al-Maa'oon,
--------Surah al-Kauthar,
--------Surah al-Kaafiroon,
--------Surah an-Nasr,
--------Surah al-Masad,
--------Surah al-Ikhlaas,
--------Surah al-Falaq,
--------Surah an-Naas.
---[3]. Ayat al-Kursee,
---[4]. Last Verses of Surah al-Baqarah,
---[5]. Du'aas of Wudhoo,
---[6]. Du'aas and Athkaar for /after Salaah,
---[7]. How to make Wudhoo,
---[8]. The Athaan, (Call to Prayer),
---[9]. How Men should perform Salaah,
---[10]. How Women should perform Salaah,

In Black and White.                               Approximate dimensions : 20.5 x 14.5 cm

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