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Prophet Muhammad

The Sultan of Hearts : 2 Volumes
The Sultan of Hearts : 2 Volumes
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  • Authored by: Resit Haylamaz

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Details:  Prophet Muhammad, The Sultan of Hearts :
2 Volumes
, in Paper Gift Case,
*[A5+] Large Paperback 2 Vols, 
2 Books Set with 1049 pages,
by Resit Haylamaz [Turkish, Hanafi]
Published by Tughra Books, Turkey.

Back in Stock March 2019,

Description :

Sultan of Hearts : Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, details the exemplary life of Prophet Muhammad, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam. Available as a set of two volumes, the book is not a simple chronological look into the life of the Beloved Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, but rather an exclusive look into his character, attributes, and qualities through the eyes of his Companions and Family most close to him.

     ***Volume 1 - 549 pages,
     ***Volume 2 - 500 pages,

Brimming with passion and emotion, 'Sultan of Hearts : Prophet Muhammad' transports the readers to the Arabian peninsula centuries ago, as if lifting the constraints of time and space, allows them to discover and explore with freedom the Age of Happiness.

The Sultan of Hearts details the exemplary life of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.  The emphasis of the book is on the mission of the Beloved Prophet in society as an active member rather than an overemphasis on the short term military campaigns.

The Author - Dr. Resit Haylamaz is a leading hanafi Sunni turkish academic who has authored a number of Islamic books, the most recent being this series on the ''Leading Companions of the Prophet'' !

Table of Contents : Volume I


---[1]. The Voice that Echoes in the Valley of Bakka,
------Prophet Ibrahim’s Prayers,
------Building a New Civilization,
---[2]. The Shared Request of all Prophets,
---[3]. The Voice that echoed on the Tongues of Scholars,
---[4]. The Lineage that goes back to Prophet Ibrahim,
------Abdul Muttalib,
------The Ten Sons of Abdul Muttalib and His Efforts to Keep His Vow,
------The Blessed Home,
---[5]. The Incident of the Elephant,
---[6]. The Happy Birth,
------The News Coming from Everywhere,
------A New Star,
------The Panic in the Land of the Persians,
---[7]. The Years with the Wet Nurses,
------The Incident of Opening up the Chest,
---[8]. The Death of Amina,
---[9]. The Protection of Grandfather Abdul Muttalib,
---[10]. The Protection of Uncle Abu Talib,
------The Damascus Trip and Priest Bahira,
------Divine Guidance in His Protection,
------The Gift of Rain That Came with Him,
------Fijar Battles,
------Hilf al-Fudul (The Alliance of the Virtuous),
------Second Journey to Damascus,
---[11]. First Meeting with Khadija,
------The Oath in the Marketplace,
------Priest Nastura,
------The Same Cloud,
------The Report of the Journey,
------The Comments of Waraqa ibn Nawfal,
------The Road to Marriage,
------A Friend Who Understands,
------The Marriage,
------Other Inhabitants of the Home of Happiness,
------A House Full of Peace,
------The Fruits of This House,
---[12] Repairing of the Ka'ba and the Judge,
------Honoring One’s Word,
---[13]. The Setting before his Arrival,
------The Echo in the Ka’ba and Waraqa’s Interpretation,
------The Dream in Damascus and What the Priest said,
---[13]. Towards the Union with the Beloved,
------Looking for Solitude,
------Dreams Coming True,
------Creation Was Saluting Him,
------Khadija’s Worry and Efforts,
------The Voice of Gabriel,
---[14]. The Union,
------Turning Towards Mecca,
------The Guidance of Waraqa,
------A Pause of Forty Days,
------No Offence and No Resentment,
------The Late Night Prayer,
---[15]. The Leading Ones,
------Ablution and the Prayers,
------The Big Decision of Little Ali,
------Servanthood and Peace,
------The Arrival of Zayd ibn Haritha,
------The Submission of Abu Bakr,
------Zubayr ibn Awwam,
------The Idols in the Ka’ba,
---[16]. Those who came later and the Years of Hardship,
------Abu Dharr’s Arrival and the First Bitter Experience,
------Running towards Peace,
------A Shepherd Who Kept His Promise and the Miracle of Milk,
------The Race towards Peace Continues,
------Bilal al-Habashi,
------Habbab’s Account,
------The Hope That Finds Expression in Dreams,
---[17]. The Start of Open Call to the Message,
------The Growing Circle of “Communication”
------The Period of Opening Up,
------The Efforts to Prevent People from Encountering Islam,
------Growing of the Campaigns against the Messenger,
---[18]. Revelation that becomes one with the People,
------Faith in Allah and the Reality of Divinity,
------Life after Death,
------Divine Destiny, Providence, Power and Will,
------Education of Resistance,
------Power Lies Not in the Number of Followers, but in Truth,
---[19]. Trying to persuade Abu Talib,
------The Pressures on the Sons in Law,
------No Results without Sweat,
------Imputations concerning the Prophet’s Lineage in the Future,
------Bad Neighbors and the Circle of Threat,
---[20]. Scenes of Violence,
------The Sad State of the Weak and the Unfortunate,
---[21]. At the Home of Ibn Arqam,
------Ammar ibn Yasir and Suhayb ibn Sinan,
------Mus’ab ibn Umayr,
------The Attempt of Abu Bakr,
------Hamza Embracing Islam,
------Utba’s Plan,
------The Proposition of the Delegate,
------Another Proposition,
------The Opinions of the Enemies of the Messenger of Allah,
------Requests for Exclusivity,
---[22]. A Past Account,
---[23]. The Verses of Communication,
---[24]. The Coming of Umar and Leaving Ibn Arqam's House,
------Hira Visit,
---[25]. The Migration to Ethiopia,
------The First Hijra,
------The Situation of Mus’ab ibn Umayr,
------The Coming of Abdullah ibn Suhayl,
------Second Hijra,
------The Letter to Najashi and His Reply,
------The Effort of Abu Talib,
------The Envoys and Najashi,
------Jafar ibn Abi Talib Takes Word,
------Happy News from Abyssinia,
---[26]. Revelation Continues,
-------The Miracle of Splitting the Moon,
-------The Revelation of Chapter Abasa,
---[27]. General Boycott,
---[28]. The Year of Sadness,
------The Last Recourse to Abu Talib,
------Abu Talib’s Last Advice,
------Last Hope,
------The Sad Farewell,
------Farewell to Khadija,
------The Scene That Even Touched Abu Lahab,
---[29]. A Painful Period,
------Rukana and Two Miracles,
------Abu Bakr’s Attempt at Hijra,
------News from the Land of Byzantine,
------Marriage with Our Mother Sawda,
------A Collection of Debt,
------Twenty People Coming from Abyssinia,
---[30]. Journey to Taif,
------The Refuge in Taif and a Manifestation,
------The Bunch of Grapes and Addas,
------Setting off for Mecca and the Submission of the Jinn,
---[31]. Mecca Again,
------Turning to Nearby Tribes,
---[32]. The Isra and Miraj,
------The Order without Mediation : Daily Prayers,
------Reflections upon Return,
------The Testimony of Two Caravans,
------The Quraysh and Their Endless Requests: Description of the Masjid al-Aqsa,
------The Difference of Abu Bakr,
------Determining the Times of Prayer,
---[33]. Aqaba Allegiances,
------The First Aqaba,
------Embers in Medina,
------The Invitation from Medina,
------The Voice in Mina and Allah’s Messenger’s Attitude,
---[34]. The Permission for Hijra and the Panic of the Quraysh,
------Important Advice,
------The Pangs of Hijra,
------Abu Salama and His Family,
------Suhayb ibn Sinan,
------The Hijra of Umar,
------Ayyash ibn Abi Rabia,
------The Decision at the Daru’n-Nadwa (the Council Hall),
---[35]. The Holy Migration,
------The Precautions concerning the Hijra,
------Turning towards Thawr,
------Abu Bakr’s Sensitivity in the Cave,
------Looking at Mecca for the Last Time,
------The Reaction of Abu Quhafa,
------Suraqa’s Pursuit,
------The Wonders on the Road of Hijra,
------Miracle of the Milk,
------Umm Mabad,
------Burayda ibn Husayb,
------The Sensibility of Abu Aws,
------The Excitement of the First Meeting,
------The Break in Quba,
------The First Sermon,
------The Coming of Abdullah ibn Salam,
------Two Jewish Brothers and Two Impressions,
------Salman al-Farisi,
---[36]. Permanent Home : Medina,
------The First Residence,
------Moving Upstairs,
------The Ties of Brotherhood,
------The Difference of the Ansar,
------The Construction of the Masjid an-Nabawi,
------The Voice from the Pulpit,
------The First Call for Prayer,
------Ashab as-Suffa,
------Encompassing Mercy and the Open Doors of Forgiveness,
------The Death of As’ad ibn Zurara and Buds of Dissension,
------The Conversation at the Graveyard,
------An Atmosphere of Jealousy,
------Divine Direction in Method,
------The Medina Charter,
------The First Agreement between Aws and Khazraj,
------The Second Treaty with the Jewish People,
------Bringing Back Members of the Family,
------The Boy That Came from Quba,
------Marriage with Our Mother Aisha,
------The Medina Plague,
------Abdullah ibn Salam’s Enthusiasm for Tabligh,
------Religious Bigotry,
------Addressing the People of the Book,
---[37]. Building a New Civilisation,
---[38]. A New Era,
------The Atmosphere in Mecca,
------Measure for Safety,
------The Permission for War,
------Forming the Security Forces,
------Campaigns and Battles,
------The Campaign of Abdullah ibn Jahsh,
------The Change of Qibla—the Direction of Prayer,
------The Obligation of Fast and Zakah (Alms),
---[39]. Towards Badr,
------The Pursued Caravan,
------The Sadness of Those Turned Away,
------Setting off from Medina,
------Abu Sufyan’s Insight and Quraysh’s Attitude,
------Atiqa bint Abdul Muttalib’s Dream,
------The Meccan Army,
------Leaving Mecca,
------Abu Sufyan’s Call to Return,
------Critical Moment of Decision,
------Choice of Place,
------Rain and Sakina (Peace),
------Cautioning the Companions,
------Khutba (Sermon),
------The Atmosphere at the Polytheist Front,
------Efforts of Our Noble Prophet,
------The Dimension of Prayer,
------The First Spark,
------The Battle,
------The End of Abu Jahl,
------Servanthood during War,
------The Angels at Badr,
------The Martyrs,
------Addressing the Dead,
------The Uniqueness of Our Prophet,
------The Good News Comes to Medina,
------Leaving Badr, and the Spoils of War,
------Treatment of the Captives and Consultation,
------The Treatment of the Prisoners,
------Divine Directive concerning the Prisoners,
------The Death of Our Mother Ruqayyah,
------The Bitter News That Reached Mecca,
------The Death of Abu Lahab,
------Mecca in Mourning,
------The News of Victory from the Land of the Rum,


Table of Contents : Volume II

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*Dimensions of 2 Volume Pack : 23 x 15.4 x 8cm.

Excellent Gift Idea!

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