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Rumi : The Masnavi, Book 4
Rumi : The Masnavi, Book 4
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Diya at-Tarkeeb : Urdu
Diya at-Tarkeeb : Urdu
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Qur'an 23Q [A5]
Qur'an 23Q [A5]
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Arabic Learning

Easy Etymology : Sarf
Easy Etymology : Sarf
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Details:  Easy Etymology - Easy Sarf, New,
*[A4+] Large Paperback - 108 pages,
Revised '2015' - 5th Edition,
*by Molvi Hoosein Loonat,
Sub-Continent Print.

Back in Stock April 2019

Description :

A simplified, concise etymology (sarf) textbook aimed at beginners in the study of Arabic. Teaches over a hundred basic words to students, by introducing two to five new words in each lesson. Click on image below for sample page.

New 2015 Edition is much improved with two colour print on improved quality paper..

Table of Contents :


---Lesson [1].
------Past Perfect Active Positive Verb,

---Lesson [2].
------Verb Forms,

---Lesson [3].
------Past Perfect Negative Active Verb,

---Lesson [4].
------Past Perfect Positive Passive Verb,

---Lesson [5].
------Chapter on the positive active verb incorporating the present and future tenses (imperfect),

---Lesson [6].
------Present and Future Tense, Postive, Passive Verb,

---Lesson [7].
------Negative Present and Future Tense Active and Passive Verb,

---Lesson [8].
------Division of the Verb into 6 Groups,

---Lesson [9].
------Chapter on the Passive Verb,

---Lesson [10].
------Chapter on the Usage of 'Lan'

---Lesson [11].
------Chapter on the Usage of 'Lam'

---Lesson [12].
------Chapter on the Imperative (Positive Command),

---Lesson [13].
------Chapter on the Negative Command (Prohibitive),

---Lesson [14].
------Chapter on the Positive Emphatic Form.

---Lesson [15].
------The Active Participle,

---Lesson [16].
------The Passive Participle,

---Lesson [17].
------The Asyndetic Relative Cause,

---Lesson [18].
------The Superlative Noun (Exaggeration, Hyperbole),

---Lesson [19].
------The Comperative Noun (Elative),

---Lesson [20].
------Adverb denoting Time or Place,

---Lesson [21].
------Tool or Instrument,

---Lesson [22].
------Primary and Derived Forms,

---Lesson [23].
------The Condensed Conjugations of the Six Scales (3 Lettered Primary Scales),

---Lesson [24].
------The Condensed Conjugations of the Fourteen Scales (3 Lettered Derived Scales),

---Lesson [25].
------The Condensed Conjugations of the Scales (4 Lettered Primary & Derived Scales),
------A Comprehensive Diagram of the Divsion of Verbs,

------Three Lettered Verbs,
------Words with more than Three Letters,

---Glossary of Technical Terms.

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*Dimensions : 28.4 x 22.3cm

*Non ASWJ.

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