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Forty Ahadith for Building Childrens Character
Forty Ahadith for Building Childrens Character
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Details:  Forty Ahadith : Prophetic Traditions,
For the Elegant Building of Childrens Ethics and Character,
Small Hardback - 112 pages, Back in Stock - June 2018,
Compiled by: Muhammad Afroz Qadri Chirya Koti,
English translation by Rana Imran ul Haq.
*Printed in Pakistan.

Description :

Extract : ''Some learned scholars have emphasised that Man, his Children, his Wife and other Family relations, etc, etc it is obligatory on everyone to make his best effort to save himself, his children, wife, servants, etc from the divine punishment, i.e make them acquire religious education.''

The Holy Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, has emphatically stressed the education and training of one's children. The following hadith tells us :

                      '' There can be no better gift from a father to his son,
                         than good training and education

Their is a lesson reminder at the end of each hadith to ensure that the message has been grasped by the students. This publication contains the Arabic text, with English translation as well as hadith reference for each of the 40 narrations.

Table of Contents :

---A Few Words with Children,
---A Beautiful Appreciation.

---[1].  Selfless Virtue,
---[2].  Half-Blanket,
---[3].  An Old Woman's Hut,
---[4].  The Way of Expressing Gratitude,
---[5].  Prayer of the Deer,
---[6].  Light of Knowledge,
---[7].  Wise Pupils,
---[8].  The Scissors of a Tailor,
---[9].  An Honest Merchant,
---[10]. Serving the Mother,
---[11]. Courtesy,
---[12]. Fear of Allah the Almighty,
---[13]. The Curse of the Oppressed,
---[14]. Patience is the Best of Blessings,
---[15]. Idea of Death,
---[16]. Hardworking People,
---[17]. Knowledge : The Legacy of Prophethood,
---[18]. For the Sake of Allah Almighty Only,
---[19]. Dependence on Intention,
---[20]. Lying in Joke,
---[21]. The Sparrow and the Net,
---[22]. The Lion and the Thorn,
---[23]. A Hasty Decision,
---[24]. The Power of Knowledge,
---[25]. Courteous Behaviour,
---[26]. A Woodcutter,
---[27]. Generosity of Hatim,
---[28]. The Evil of Miserliness,
---[29]. A Piece of Bread,
---[30]. An Echo,
---[31]. The Perils of Lying,
---[32]. Victory for Truth,
---[33]. What is Sin ?
---[34]. Care for the Neighbour,
---[35]. Allah's Curse be on the Thief,
---[36]. Habit of Pride,
---[37]. Competition,
---[38]. The Wrestler and Controlling One's Anger,
---[39]. The Story of the Belt,
---[40]. Reward of Good Deeds.


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See the rest of the Children's Section.

*Of-Mint : Sub-Continent Print Quality and Condition.

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