The Sword of Raza

 The Sword of Raza : Shaykh Zia ul Mustafa: 'Muhadith e Kabeer,'
[A5] Paperback - 144 pages, New,
Compiled by Muhammad Aftab Cassim al-Qadiri Razvi Noori,
*Published by Kutub Khana Amjadia, Delhi.

Description :

Extracted from the Compilers Note:

'' I commenced writing a few pages discussing the life of 'Huzoor Muhadith e Kabeer' and found myself going through many pages swiftly by the grace of Allah and Blessing of the Beloved Rasool, salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam, and before I knew it this book was prepared within a short space of five days, working just a few hours a day. This I regard as the blessing of my Grand Masha'ikh and the proof of the acceptance of 'Huzoor Muhadith e Kabeer' in the Court of Allah and His Beloved Rasool, salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam.

In preparing this document I have extracted much of the information from a manuscript in Urdu on the life of 'Huzoor Muhaddith e Kabeer' which was prepared a few years ago by one of his students, namely Mufti Abul Hassan al-Qaaderi, who is currently serving as a Mufti at Darul Uloom Amjadi in Ghosi. I must point out that even a book of this many pages which initially was meant to be only a short essay, cannot do justice to the personality and services of 'Huzoor Muhaddith e Kabeer.' ---Muhammad Aftab Cassim al-Qadiri.

Table of Contents :

---Compilers Note,

---'Huzoor Muhadith e Kabeer'
------His Blessed Birth,
------His Blessed Name,
------A Few of His Distinguished Titles,
------His Blessed Features,
------His Blessed Attire,
------His Excellence,
------His Beloved Homeland 'Ghosi.'

---Illustrious Family Lineage,
------An Exalted Family,
------Distinct Nature of this Family,
------A Brief Family Chart.

---Huzoor Muhadith e Kabeer's Parents,
------His Blessed Father, Huzoor Sadrus Shariah,
------His Blessed Mother.

---His Early Education,
------Continuation of Studies,
------Muhadith e Kabeer in the care of Huzoor Faiz ul-Arifeen in Nagpur,
------Muhadith e Kabeer in the care of Huzoor Hafiz e Millat,
------The Teachers of Ashrafiyah Misbahul Uloom,
------Dastaar e Fadilat (Graduation),
------Hafiz e Millat's Jubilation on the Graduation,
------Further Studies in the Field of Research and Ifta,
------Muhadith e Kabeer specialises in Ifta.

---Bai'at and Khilaafat,
------His Journey to Hajj,
------His Love for the Beloved Rasool, salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam.

---Miraculous Blessings of Muhadith e Kabeer,
------Muhadith e Kabeer assists his Mureed Spiritually,
------Medical Condition of a Patient Changes,
------An Elderly Woman Released from her Long Term Discomfort,
------The Effect of Hazrat's Du'a.

---Huzoor Muhadith e Kabeer as an Accomplished Debater,
------Brief Synopsis of the 'Badayoun Debate,'
------Tahir ul 'Padri' Flees from Debate with Huzoor Muhadith e Kabeer.

---Service to Ahl e Sunnat wa Jama'at,
------Huzoor Muhaddith e Kabeer as a Teacher,
------A Great Muhadith,
------Muhadith e Kabeer's Shuyukh in Hadith,
------His Chain of Authorisation in Transmission of Hadith,
------A Further Chain of Authorisation,
------Authority in Hadith Musalsal bil Aw'waliyah,
------Second Authority in Hadith Musalsal bil Aw'waliyah.

---Statements of the Great Masha'ikh and Ulama about him,
-----Khilafat in the Spiritual Presence of 'Sadrus Shariah,'
-----Huzoor Muhadith e Kabeer Meets 'Huzoor Hujjat ul Islam,'
-----Du'as of Ghaus ul Waqt; Huzoor Mufti e Azam e Hind.

---His Immense Caution and Piety,
------His Simplicity and Humility,
------A Great Faqih of this Era,
------The Shuyukh of Muhadith e Kabeer in the Field of Fiqh.

---The Compilers Personal Experiences with Qibla Muhadith e Kabeer,
------A Flight to Remember,
------Hazrat Maulana Faizal Farooq,
------Hazrat Peerji,
------His Kindness and Gentle Manner,
------His Love for Huzoor Taajush Shariah,
------His Respect Towards A Sayed.

---Manqabats, (Poetry in Praise),
------Ameer e Buzm e Marifat,
------Ahl e Sunnat ki Kiran,
------Haami e Deen e Shaah e Huda,
------Paykare e Sidq O Safa,
------Waaris e Deen e Payambar,
------Mazhab e Shaah e Dana ke Paasbaa(N),
------Jalwa e Khayrul Bashr.

---Shajrah Silsila Aaliyah Qaadriyah Razviyah Amjadia.

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  • Written by: Allama Aftab Cassim Qadri Noori

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