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Signs of Qiyaamat : New
Signs of Qiyaamat : New
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  • Authored by: Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan

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Details:  Signs of Qiyamat - Asaar e Qiyaamat, (English & Arabic),
[A5] Paperback - 98 pages, New [November 2014 publication],
Written in urdu by : Tajush Shariah Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan al-Qadiri,
English transl. by: Muhammad Aftab Cassim al-Qadiri Noori,
*Published by Kutub Khana Amjadia, Delhi.

Description :

Qiyaamat (Judgement Day) is factual and true and is a fundamental belief of Islam. Verily, it will come in it's appointed time and it will most definitely come. Almighty Allah says :

                                   ''Verily the Hour (Qiyaamat) will Come''!

Any person, who rejects the reality of Qiyaamat or even has the slightest doubt regarding it, is a kaafir (infidel) and out of the folds of Islam. Almighty Allah has set aside a special day in which to give either the reward or punishment to His servants for their good and bad deeds. It is the day when He will bless the Allah fearing with bounties of Jannat (Heaven) and he will give the disobedient the punishment of Jahan'num (Hell).

In terms of Shari'ah, this day is known as Qiyaamat (Judgement). Qiyaamat is of three types :

       *** 1. Qiyaamat e Sughra,
       *** 2. Qiyaamat e Wusta,
       *** 3. Qiyaamat e Kubra.

This work is the first English translation of Asaar e Qiyaamat which was originally written in urdu. Hadith references provided and in most cases the complete Arabic text of the actual hadith is displayed.

Table of Contents :

---Translator's Note.

---[1]. Introduction from the Original Book.
---[2]. When people will destroy their Namaaz (Prayer),
---[3]. When there will be know regard for Amaanat,
---[4]. When dealing in interest becomes common,
---[5]. When bribery becomes common,
---[6]. When the Holy Qur'an will be rendered as a song,
---[7]. When children will become the cause of heartache,
---[8]. When the Ulama lower themselves before the wealthy,
---[9]. When Masjids will be decorated,
---[10]. When the months become short,
---[11]. When females will sit on turkish horses,
---[12]. When females imitate males and males imitate females,
---[13]. When the Qasm (oath) of Ghairullah (other than Allah) will be taken,
---[14]. When people will come forward to give testimony without being asked,
---[15]. When that which invested in a trust is regarded as inheritance,
---[16]. When males will be intimate with males and females with females,
---[17]. Conclusion.


*Sub-continent print.

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