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Manasik al-Hajj : Shafi\'i
Manasik al-Hajj : Shafi'i
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Details:  Manasik al-Hajj : Shafi'i Fiqh,
[A5] Paperback - 192 pages,
Originally written by Imam an-Nawawi,
English translation by Mawlana Muhammad Carr,
& Mawlana Yaqub Abdullah.
Published by Dar al-Turath al-Islami, S. Africa.

Description :          Comprehensive Shafi'i Hajj Manual

Hajj is a once-in-a-lifetime journey for most of us and much has been written on the legal aspects of this sacred journey. Of the most famous books in this regard, is the widely acclaimed Manāsik al-hajj of al-Imām al-Nawawī rahimahullah. Hashiyat al-Idah by Ibn Hajar al-Haytami, rahmatullahi 'alayhi, is by far the most excellent exposition of Imam an-Nawawi's work.  Drawing from this classical text, Mawlānā Muhammad Ayyūb al-Nadwī al-Shafi‘ī, has compiled this hajj manual in which he provides not only a legal text, but also a how-to guide that is interspersed with practical advice. This English translation of al-Manāsik comprehensively discusses all aspects of hajj, from intention to completion, including the Qur’anic and Prophetic supplications suited to every occasion.

Moreover, it is infused with the spirituality and consciousness which are a hallmark of Imam an-Nawawi’s work, that have been retained across the centuries.

Table of Contents :

---Clarification of certain technical term terminologies in hajj.

---Chapter [1]. The obligatory nature of hajj and 'umrah,
---Chapter [2]. Conditions before hajj becomes mandatory,
---Chapter [3]. Badal hajj,
---Chapter [4]. Virtues of hajj,
---Chapter [5]. Rules and etiquette of travelling,
------Travel plans,
------Repentance and fulfillment of debt,
------Prior to departure,
------Etiquettes pertaining to travel,
------The sunnah mode of travelling,
------Packing and provisions,
------Etiquettes in the sacred cities,
---Chapter [6]. Al-jam'u bayn al-Salatayn,
------Jam'u al-taqdim,
------Jam'u al-ta'khir,
------Masa'il pertaining to joining salah,
------Masa'il pertaining to salah while travelling,
---Chapter [7]. Hajj and 'umrah,
---Chapter [8]. Miqat,
---Chapter [9]. Etiquettes of donning the ihram,
------Cleanliness and ablution,
------Ihram of men,
------Ihram of women,
------Salah of ihram,
---Chapter [10]. Types of Hajj,
------The manner of making the intention,
------The dam pertaining to a tamattu' hajj,
---Chapter [11]. Talbiyah,
---Chapter [12]. Forbidden acts while in ihram,
------Categorisation of unlawful acts of ihram,
------Forbidden clothing for men,
------Forbidden clothing for women,
------Application of fragrance,
------Oiling the head or beard,
------Cutting of hair or nails,
------Sexual intercourse,
---Chapter [13]. Rituals of hajj,
------The Arkan,
------The Wajibat,
------The Sunan,
---Chapter [14]. Etiquettes of entering Makkah,
---Chapter [15]. Types of tawaf (circumambulation),
------Tawaf al-qudum,
------Tawaf al-ifadah,
------Tawaf al-wada,
---Chapter [16]. The method of performing tawaf,
---Chapter [17]. The conditions and requisites of tawaf,
---Chapter [18]. The sunan and etiquettes of tawaf,
---Chapter [19]. The prescribed supplications of the tawaf,
---Chapter [20]. Sa'y,
------Obligatory features of sa'y,
------Sunan of sa'y,
---Chapter [21]. Issues pertaining wuquf bi 'Arafah,
------Obligatory features of wuquf bi 'Arafah,
------The sunan and etiquettes of 'Arafah,
------Prescribed du'a,
---Chapter [22]. Leaving 'Arafah for Muzdalifah,
------Salah and duration of stay,
------Sunnah ablution and du'a,
------Picking up pebbles,
---Chapter [23]. Leaving Muzdalifah for Mina,
---Chapter [24]. Duties pertaining to the 10th Du al-Hijjah,
------The first duty : Ramy,
------The second duty : Qurban and dam,
------The third duty : Halq,
------The fourth duty : Tawaf al-ifadah,
------Actions which release a pilgrim from the state of ihram,
------Remaining rituals of the 10th Dhu al-Hijjah,
---Chapter [25]. Rituals of the 11th,12th and 13th Dhu al-Hijjah,
---Chapter [26]. A few important questions and answers,
---Chapter [27]. Tawaf al-wada,
---Chapter [28]. Penalties and expiation,
------Penalties to expiate for the omission of an element (arkan) of hajj,
------Penalties to expiate for the commission of prohibited acts,
------Penalties to expiate for actions involving the accruing of benefits,
------Rulings pertaining to dam and fidyah,
---Chapter [29]. Being prevented by others from completing the integrals of hajj or 'umrah after having entered ihram,
---Chapter [30]. The pilgrimage of a child,
---Chapter [31]. 'Umrah and its rulings,
------The miqat of 'umrah,
------The arkan of 'umrah,
---Chapter [32]. Virtues of Makkah,
------The excellence of Makkah,
------The best acts of worship in Makkah,
------The excellence of Zamzam,
------Sacred spaces within the haram.
---Chapter [33]. The etiquettes of visiting the grave of the Prophet, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam, and Madinah al-Munawwarah,
------Visit to the al-Gharqad (Jannat al-Baqi) cemetery,
--------The Ahl al-Bayt buried in al-Baqi,
--------The Companions (Sahabah) buried in al-Baqi,
--------Etiquettes of visiting Baqi al-Gharqad,
------Other etiquette of the city of Madinah al-Munawwarah,
---Chapter [34]. Etiquettes of returning from hajj,
---Chapter [35]. Method of making qiran and ifrad,
---Chapter [36]. Method of making tamattu,'
---Chapter [37]. Places and times in which du'a is readily accepted,
---Chapter [38]. Guidelines concerning health-care,
---Chapter [39]. Guidelines pertaining to the safeguard of one's goods and cash,
---Chapter [40]. The difference between men and women in pilgrimage,
---Chapter [41]. The short hajj and the hajj of hajj officials and workers,
---Chapter [42]. Du'as.

---More on Hajj and Umrah,
---Hajj and Umrah Accessories,

---More Shafi'i fiqh books,
---Fiqh Homepage.

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