Al-Fiqh al-Hayaat : Wbk 2 Prayer

Al-Fiqh al-Hayaat : The Living Fiqh,
Workbook 2 - Prayer,
[A4++] Large Paperback -  185 pages, NEW
Compiled under the guidance of
Sahibzada Habib-ur-Rahman Mahboobi,
by Allama Mawlana Naveed Sialvi,
Published by Suffa tul Islam, UK.

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Description :

This book has been taken from a very old manuscript written in the 10th year of Hijrah, or the 17th Century according to the Gregorian calendar. The author was called Shaykh Hasan ibn Ammar Abu al-Ikhlaas al-Hanafi al-Wafaa'i, al-Shurunbulali, may Allah have mercy upon him, he is also the author of the famous Hanafi fiqh book Noor al-Idah. This work began as a direct translation of Noor al-Idah, however as it was being taught in the first year, it became apparent that this style may not be easily understood by the youth of today. And so what resulted was a series of lessons rewritten with suitable activities, tasks and additional information to enhance the orginal script. The order of the Lesson Topics and the detail of the issues is almost exactly the same as in the original text.


This book not only incorporates the issues of fiqh, but it also touches on wider issues of concern to Muslims and humans in general. It is a very accessible and easy text to understand and teach, furthermore, it uses highly relevant activities to engage the students with the text so that it is not just the written words that are memorised. The book captures the essence of the true meaning of fiqh, which is to understand - and then it also allows the students to explore practical aspects of the topics at hand and also the wider implications which fiqh as a subject has in modern times.


This book may be used in conjunction with an original manuscript of the original Arabic text by the teacher to gain a deeper understanding of all the issues. On the other hand it is also possible to teach it as a text in its own right, since all difficult concepts are explained inconsiderable detail throughout in the form of footnotes.

Review :

The correct development of human intelligence is highly dependent upon cleanliness and purity; purity of mind body and soul. This is why our scholars of fiqh ~(Islamic Jurisprudence) begin any work on the subject of fiqh with the chapter of Purity. Islaam is a pure religion which emphasises physical, mental and spiritual purity.

In 1986, on a tour of Copenhagen, Denmark, a university professor replied upon my questioning him why he had accepted the religion of Islam, that it was the system of ritual purity which had attracted him towards the religion.




Table of Contents :

---Foreword (1),
---Foreword (2),
---A Note about the Title,
---Preface, H.B. Sahibzada,

---Lesson [1].  Salah timings,
---Lesson [2].  Makrooh times,
---Lesson [3].  Azaan - the call to prayer,
---Lesson [4].  Conditions of Salah,
---Lesson [5].  Pillars of Salah,
---Lesson [6].  Conditions and Pillars - some additional information,
---Lesson [7].  Wajibaat of Salah,
---Lesson [8].  Sunan of Salah,
---Lesson [9].  Aadaab of Salah,
---Lesson [10]. Method of Salah,
---Lesson [11]. Imamah - leading congregational prayer,
---Lesson [12]. Missing Jama'ah,
---Lesson [13]. Right of Imamah,
---Lesson [14]. Makroohat of Imamah,
---Lesson [15]. How to follow the Imam,
---Lesson [16]. Zikr of Salah,
---Lesson [17]. Things which invalidate Salah,
---Lesson [18]. Things which do not invalidate Salah,
---Lesson [19]. Placing a sutrah,
---Lesson [20]. Things which are not makrooh during Salah,
---Lesson [21]. Occasion when Salah is stopped midway,
---Lesson [22]. Taarik as-Salah -the one who neglects prayer,
---Lesson [23]. Salat al-Witr,
---Lesson [24]. Nawaafil - voluntary prayers,
---Lesson [25]. Tahiyyat al-Masjid, Duhaa and ihyaa al-Layaali,
---Lesson [26]. Prayer in a vehicle,
---Lesson [27]. Fardh and Wajib prayer in a vehicle,
---Lesson [28]. Prayer aboard a ship,
---Lesson [29]. At-Taraweeh,
---Lesson [30]. Prayer in the Ka'aba,
---Lesson [31]. Prayer of the Traveller,
---Lesson [32]. Prayer of the sick person - introduction and method,
---Lesson [33]. Prayer of the sick person - when prayer is waived,
---Lesson [34]. Making up missed prayers,
---Lesson [35]. How to join congregational prayer,
---Lesson [36]. Prostration of forgetfulness - introduction and method,
---Lesson [37]. Prostration of forgetfulness - forgetting the number of rak'ahs,
---Lesson [38]. Prostration of recitation - the fourteen ayahs of sujood,
---Lesson [39]. Prostration of recitation - sujood at-tilaawah during Salah,
---Lesson [40]. Prostration of recitation - some additional information,
---Lesson [41]. Friday Prayer - conditions which make it obligatory,
---Lesson [42]. Friday Prayer - conditions which make it correct,
---Lesson [43]. Friday Prayer - khutbah ; the sermon,
---Lesson [44]. Friday Prayer - additional information,
---Lesson [45]. Eid Prayers - Eid al-Fitr,
---Lesson [46]. Eid Prayers - Eid al-Adha,
---Lesson [47]. Prayer during an eclipse,
---Lesson [48]. Prayer for rain,
---Lesson [49]. Prayer at the time of danger,
---Lesson [50]. Prayer and Spirituality.

---End Word.

---Appendix A,
----Imam A'dham Abu Hanifa in the field of Hadith,
------A general overview of his insight into Hadith,
------Imam Abu Hanifah the taabi'i,
------Narrating from the Companions.
---Appendix B,
------The Roots of Imam Abu Hanifah's Wisdom,
---Appendix C,
------The Words of Salah,
------The Complete Salah, translation, Arabic with transliteration,
---Appendix D,
----The Truth about Bid'ah,
------The Literal meaning of Bid'ah,
------Bid'ah in the Shari'ah,
------A Comparison of the Opinions,
------Is Celebrating the Mawlid / Milad Bid'ah ?
------A Final Note!
---Appendix E,
-----The Grading of Actions in Fiqh,
-------Prohibitions and Commands,
---Appendix F,
------Salat al-Istikharah,
------Additional Points to Note,
---Appendix G,
------Salat al-Hajaah,
---Appendix H,
------Proof of the Hanafi Way,
------Reciting Qur'an behind the Imam,
------Saying Aameen,
------Raising the Hands for Rukoo'
------Sending Salawaat Upon the Blessed Prophet, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
------Praying Twenty Rakat Taraweeh,
---Appendix I,
------Why is the Shari'ah differrent for Men and Women,
------The Hanafi method of Prayer for Women,
---Appendix J,
------Sayyadina 'Abdullah ibn Mas'ood,
------His Biography

---Stickers for Use with Exercises.






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