Traditional Scholarship & Modern Misunderstandings

Traditional Scholarship & Modern Misunderstandings :
Understanding the Ahl al-Sunnah,
[A5] Paperback - 262 pages,
by Abu Ammar, Islamic Information Centre.


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Description :

This book deals exhaustively and exclusively with long awaited and much delayed daleels (evidences), providing ample evidence for those who demand them to support each and every action.

What is so unique about this book - is that the author has painstakingly collected a mass of material of which the majority has not been translated into English - making this a first time for English reading Muslims to have access to such valuable texts.  Another unique aspect of this book, is that the author has purposely and consistently confined himself throughout this book, to the judgements, opinions and fatawa of scholars well known throughout history for their intellectual mastery over their chosen Islamic disciplines. Luminaries such as al-Asqalani, Ibn Kathir, al-Qurtubi, al-Katib al-Baghdadi, at-Tabari, Ibn al-Jawzi, an-Nawawi, Imam Dar al-Qutni, Imam adh-Dhahabi, Qadi Shawkani, Ibn 'Athir, Imam ibn Abi Hatim, not failing to mention both Imam Bukhari and Muslim amongst many, many others. What is interesting, are the writings of Hafiz ibn Taymiyya, Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyya and Muhammad ibn 'Abd al-Wahab that are adduced to and that seem to contradict what we are reading from them today.

The impetus behind writing this book, came after speaking to some young Muslims who were confused and held erroneous misconceptions as to what it meant to be of the Ahl as-Sunna. There were various issues in which they argued much over - take for instance, calling 'Ya Rasulu'llah'; seeking assistance from other than Allah and the issue of 'hadir and nazir.' I also found that some points of Hanafi fiqh were being criticised without just cause. With the help of Allah, in this book I have tried to clarify those issues, refute the objections and support the points with evidence from the Holy Qur`an and the hadith of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.




Contents :

---[1]. Acknowledgements,
---[2]. Preface.

---[3]. Seeking Assistance from Other than Allah,
---[4]. The Permissibility to Say 'Ya Muhammad'
---[5]. The True picture concerning the death of our Prophet,
---[6]. Waseela,
---[7]. Nur - The Blessed Light of Our Prophet,
---[8]. 'Ilm al Ghayb - The Knowledge of the Unseen,
---[9]. Hazir e Nazir,
---[10]. The Concept of Bid'a,
---[11]. Celebrating Mawlid (Milaad an Nabi),
---[12]. To Make the Intention to Travel to our Prophet Muhammad's Resting Place,
---[13]. The Excellency of the 15th Night of Sha'ban,
---[14]. Ithal ath-Thawab,
---[15]. Tabarruk,
---[16]. Ta'wiz,
---[17]. The Life of al-Khidar,
---[18]. Taqlid,
---[19]. Criticism Levelled against Imam Abu Hanifah,
---[20]. Muslim & Bukhari are the Only Sources of Sunna!
---[21]. Raf' al Yadayn,
---[22]. Recitation of Qira'a behind the Imam,
---[23]. Recitation of "Amin" Loudly behind Imam,
---[24]. Placing Hands below the Navel,
---[25]. Wahabi or Salafi!

---[26]. Sources.























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