Imams of the Valley

The Imams of the Valley -
*[A5] Paperback - 171 pages,
by Amin Buxton,
Published by Dar al-Turath al-Islami.

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Description :

The valley of Hadramawt is situated in Yemen, in the southern foot of the Arabian Peninsular. Since members of the blessed Prophetic Household settled in the Valley in the fourth century of the Hijrah, who later became known as the Ba 'Alawi, it has been a centre of sacred knowledge and the attainment of spiritual perfection. In this remote valley, and particularly in its spiritual capital, Tarim, the Prophetic legacy was preserved and nurtured and then carried to the far corners of the earth.

Beginning with the first of the descendants of the Prophet, may Allah bless him & grant him peace, to settle in Hadramawt and looking down the centuries to recent times, “Imams of the Valley” examines the lives of a few of these illustrious figures. It is hoped that this book will enable the reader to increase in love for the Family of the Messenger, may Allah bless him & grant him peace, and for the pious, which is one of the foundations of Islam.

Table of Contents :


------Yemen and the Valley of Hadramawt,
------The Ba 'Alawi Way.
---The Prophet Hud, alayhi as-salam,
---'Abbad bin Bishr al-Ansari.

---Imam al-Muhajir,
---Imam 'Ali bin 'Alawi ''Khali' Qasam''
---Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam,
---Shaykh 'Abd al-Rahman al-Saqqaf,
---Shaykh 'Umar al-Mihdar,
---Imam al-Aydarus al-Akbar,
---Imam al-'Adani,
---Shaykh Abu Bakr bin Salim,
---Habib 'Umar bin 'Abd al-Rahman al-Attas,
---Imam al-Haddad,
---Habib Ahmad bin Zayn al-Habashi,
---Habib 'Abd al-Rahman Balfaqih,
---Habib 'Abdullah bin Husayn bin Tahir,
---Habib 'Ali al-Habashi,
---Habib Ahmad bin Hasan al-'Attas,
---Habib 'Abdullah bin 'Umar al-Shatiri,
---Habib 'Alawi bin Shihab,
---Habib 'Umar bin Sumayt,
---Habib Muhammad bin Salim bin Hafiz,
---Habib Ibrahim bin 'Aqil bin Yahya,
---Habib Ahmad Mashur al-Haddad,
---Habib Muhammad al-Haddar,
---Habib 'Abd al-Qadir al-Saqqaf,
---Habib ''Sa'd'' al-Aydarus.

---References and Diagrams,
------Fig. 1. The Lineage of the 'Alawi Sayyids,
------Fig. 2. The Descendants of Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam,
------Fig. 3. General Map of the Janbal Cemetery,
------Fig. 4. Diagram of Saqifah of Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam,
---Final Word from Imam al-Haddad, alayhi ar-Rahman.

             '' Volumes could not do justice to any of the Imams mentioned
                here and words cannot express the stations which they reached.
                However, it is hoped that such an introduction can be a door
                leading to greater things
. ''

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