The Mercy in the Diff. of the 4 Sunni Schools

The Mercy In the Difference of
the Four Sunni Schools of Islamic Law
[A5] Paperback - xii + 230 pages.
By Qadi Muhammad ibn 'Abd ar-Rahman as-Safadi
Translated by Aisha Bewley.
Edited by Abdalhaqq Bewley & Idris Mears.


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Description from the publisher:

This book is the first translation into English of a well known and widely used, six hundred year old classical Arabic text, its author, Qadi as-Safadi [d.1378 AH] of Damascus, may Allah be pleased with him, designed it for his contemporaries as a reference book to acquaint the followers of the four schools of fiqh with the ruling of the other schools, so that needless antagonism and misunderstandings did not spring up out of ignorance and prejudice.

The need for such a book is even more pressing in the present circumstances, and this excellent and succint book which covers the whole spectrum of the Deen is a timely and much needed addition to the Islamic source material available in the English language.

This book is designed as a reference guide to acquaint the followers of the different schools the rulings of the other schools so that confusion and misunderstandings do not occur out of lack of knowledge.   

Table of Contents :

---Brief Introduction to each Imam.

---Chapter One : Purity,
---Chapter Two : The Prayer,
---Chapter Three : Funerals,
---Chapter Four : Zakat,
---Chapter Five : Fasting,
---Chapter Six : Hajj,
---Chapter Seven :  Sacrifice by people not on Hajj,
---Chapter Eight : Vows,
---Chapter Nine :Permissible Foods,
---Chapter Ten : Slaughtering and Hunting,
---Chapter Eleven : Business Transactions,
---Chapter Twelve : Shares of Inheritance,
---Chapter Thirteen : Marriage,
---Chapter Fourteen : Divorce,
---Chapter Fifteen : Oaths,
---Chapter Sixteen : 'Idda,
---Chapter Seventeen : Relationship by Suckling,
---Chapter Eighteen : Maintenance,
---Chapter Nineteen : Crimes involving injury,
---Chapter Twenty : Blood Money,
---Chapter Twenty One : The Hadd punishments,
---Chapter Twenty Two : Self Defence and Liability for Animals,
---Chapter Twenty Three : Military Expeditions,
---Chapter Twenty Four : Appointemnt of a Qadi (judge).



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