Invocations of the Heart : 6 CD Set

 Invocations of the Heart : 6 CD Set,
Audio CD Set,
The Supplications of :
Imam ibn Atta'illah al-Iskandriya,
Commentary by: Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi.
Published by Rumi Productions.

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Description :

The 'Invocations of the Heart' class was taught at Deen Intensive in Santa Clara California. Based on the Book by Ibn Atta'Allah "Munajat" the last chapter of the Hikam, Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi teaches all the Munajat, translates them into English and does an amazing commentary.

CD 1 : Supplications 1-5 (Total Running Time 59:37)
---1. Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi's Biography,
---2. Introduction: The Contents of the Text and it's Purpose,
---3. O My Lord!
---4. We are in Need of Allah,
---5. Our Ignorance and Our Claims of Knowledge,
---6. Things May Change in a Blink of an Eye,
---7. His Generosity and Our Wretchedness,
---8. His Compassion and Care.

CD 2 : Supplications 6-10 (Total Running Time 58:04)
---8. His Bounty and His Justice
---9. Worry Not About the Dunya; Allah is Taking Care of You,
---10. His Knowledge of Me Suffices For My Requests,
---11. Coming to the Most-Generous,
---12. How Close He is to Us and How Far We are From Him.

CD 3 : Supplications 11-18 (Total Running Time 57:50)

---13. Get to Know Him Through the Worlds in all States,
---14. When Our Wretchedness Makes us Speechless; His Generosity Opens our Mouths,
---15. Have No Claims Before Allah,
---16. Never Object to the Will of Allah,
---17. Rely on Allah, Not on Your Good Work,
---18. My Long Pre-occupation in the Dunya Makes My Journey to You Longer.

CD 4 : Supplications 19-28 (Total Running Time 72:47)
---19. Instead of Looking for Proofs Leading to Him; Witness Him,
---20. The Journey From the World to Allah,
---21. Be in a State of Humility,
---22. Knowledge Directly From Allah,
---23. Love Flies You to Your Beloved,
---24. Hand All Your Affairs Over to Him; Seek His Support and Satisfaction,
---25. Self-Contentment.

CD 5 : Supplication 29-End (Total Running Time 68:37)
---26. Hope and Fear,
---27. Who Tastes Knows,
---28. The Honour of Being a Muslim and The Fruit of la'ilaha ill'al'Allah,
---29. Doing Business With Allah,
---30. Security and Despair,
---31. Humility and Pride.

CD 6  : Bonus CD,
---The Life and Works of Shaykh Ibn Atta'Allah.

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Produced by Rumi Productions, USA.

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  • Written by: Ibn Ata'Allah al-Iskandari

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