Hearts Have Changed 4 : Sahaba Stories

 Hearts Have Changed - Stories of the Sahabah : Volume IV,
[A5+] Paperback - 199 pages,
by Noura Durkee,
Part of the 'Stories of the Sahabah' Series, USA.

Description :

'Hearts Have Changed' is the fourth volume in the popular series, Stories of the Sahabah, adapted by Hajjah Noura Durkee from Arabic and urdu sources in an engaging and comprehensive way.

This Fourth Volume contains the biographies of Seventeen Sahabah (Noble Companions) of the Beloved Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, who testified to the truth of Islam after their hearts were opened by the mercy of Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala. In this volume, you will read about the lives of several of the Sahabah--- their lives before Islam, the circumstances surrounding their acceptance of Islam, and how they lived their lives on the Path of Allah Almighty thereafter.

Table of Contents :

---Publishers Note.

---[1] Abu Hurairah ad-Dawsi al-Yamani,
-------Sincere Love for the Prophet, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
-------The Gift of a Special Memory,
-------The Prophet's Inheritance,
-------Sacrifice and Humility,
-------Devotion to His Lord,
-------True Genorisity,
-------The Dutiful Son,
-------Looking to the Next World.
---[2] Abu Sufyan ibn al-Harith,
-------From Darkness to Light,
-------True Devotion.
---[3] 'Adi ibn Hatim at-Ta'i,
-------His Hatred.
---[4] 'Ammar ibn 'Abasah,
-------The early Days of Islam,
-------A Blessed Exchange at the Market,
-------An Early Inclination to Truth.
---[5] 'Amr ibn al-Jamuh,
-------Tricked Toward the Truth,
-------'Amr's Desire to Meet His Lord.
---[6] 'Ikrimah ibn Abi Jahl,
-------The Need for Revenge,
-------The Day of Welcome,
-------Fighting for Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala.
---[7] Nu'aim ibn Mas'ud,
-------Denying the Truth,
-------Allied aginst Islam,
-------The Prophet's Du'a,
-------Planting the Seeds of Mistrust,
-------An Honest and Faithful Follower.
---[8] Nu'man ibn Muqarrin al-Muzani,
--------Loyal Supporters of Islam,
--------Leader of the Muslim Army.
---[9] Salman al-Farsi,
--------Conversion to Islam,
--------Obtaining Freedom,
--------The Brilliant Proposal.
---[10] Suhaib ibn Sinan ar-Rumi,
--------Escape to Freedom,
--------Finding the Truth,
--------The Best Exchange.
---[11] Suraqah ibn Malik,
--------The Search Continues,
--------The Promise Fulfilled.
---[12] Thumamah ibn Athal,
--------The Gentle Imprisonment.
---[13] Tufail ibn 'Amr ad-Dawsi,
--------Tufails conflict.
---[14] 'Uqbah ibn Amir al-Juhani,
--------The City of Light,
--------Changes to Come.
---[15] Wahsi ibn Harb,
--------Wahsi the Slave.
---[16] Zaman ibn Salabah,
--------The Inquisitive Visitor,
--------Taking the Messahe Home.
---[17] Zaid al-Khair,
--------The Generous Warrior,
--------Meeting the Prophet, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
--------An Unfortunate Illness.

------Transliterated Names of the Sahabah & Other Historical Notables,
------Transliteration Chart,
------Islamic Invocations (Terms of (Adaab) Etiquette),
------About the Author.

The Author : Hajjah Noura Durkee graduated with an M.A. in Fine Arts from Stanford University. She studied Arabic and Islamic culture at Um al-Qura University in Makkah, Saudi Arabia and attended the Kamel Ibrahim School of Islamic Calligraphy in Alexandria, Egypt. She has travelled throughout the world as an educator and lecturer. She is the wife of Shaykh Nooruddin Durkee al-Shadhili. Together they have edited, illustrated and written numerous books on a wide range of topics related to Islam.

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