An Introduction to Hadith Science

An Introduction to Hadith Science,
('Ulum al-Hadith)
[A4++] Large Glossy Paperback - 114 pages,
Edited by Dr. Abdullah Ghazi,
& Dr Tasneema Ghazi,
Published by Iqra Program of Islamic Studies, USA.

Description :

The 'Iqra' Program' of Hadith Studies for High School aims to provide High School Students with a foundational awareness of Hadith Sciences ('Ulum al-Hadith) as well as the major collections of ahadith, which are part and parcel of Islamic Religious Law and spiritual endeavours.

This important educational programme on hadith sciences is recommended for students of Islamic Studies at High School level, and beyond. Teachers will find it beneficial to use this book for group reading in the classroom as well as private study at home. Students will find it most useful as a means of acquiring clarity on the important points of Hadith Sciences ('Ulum al-Hadith) and the role of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, as the chief interpreter of the Message of Islam.

This textbook has been designed to provide high school-level students as well as general adult readers with a general introduction to Hadith Sciences ('Ulum al-Hadith). This textbook will give students a foundational background to comprehend this oftentimes intricate and multifaceted aspect of Islamic Studies.

Table of Contents :

---Iqra's Note - Introduction.

Part [I]. Introduction to Hadith Science,

---Lesson 1 : Hadith and Sunnah,
------The definition of Hadith,
------Usage of the word 'Hadith' in the Qur'an,
------The definition of Sunnah,
------The difference between the terms Hadith and Sunnah,
------Khabar and Athar,
------Review and Recall,
------Self-Assessment Questions.

---Lesson 2 : The Legal Status of Hadith and Sunnah,
------Wahy Matlu and Wahy Ghayr Matlu,
------The legal status if the Sunnah,
------The Hadith Qudsi,
------Review and Recall,
------Self-Assessment Questions.

---Lesson 3 : Adab of Learning Hadith.
------Review and Recall,
------Self-Assessment Questions.

Part [II] Historical Background of 'Ulum al-Hadith,

---Lesson 4 : Preserving and Compiling Hadith during Rasulullah's, may Allah bless him & grant him peace, Lifetime,
------The role of the Ashab us-Suffah in preserving Ahadith,
------The methods used to preserve Ahadith,
------Review and Recall,
------Self-Assessment Questions.

---Lesson 5 : Hadith Science during the Times of the Sahabah and Tabi'in,
------The Sahabah,
------The Sahabah's Integrity,
------Arguments for their Reliability,
------Famous Transmitters of Ahadith among the Sahabah,
------The Tabi'in,
------The Excellent Status of the Tabi'in,
------Terms used to describe Transmission of Ahadith,
------Review and Recall,
------Self-Assessment Questions.

---Lesson 6 : Documentation of Ahadith and Major Works,
------Different types of Ahadith documentation,
-------a. Jami,
-------b. Musnad,
-------c. Sunan,
-------d. Mu'jam,
-------e. Mustadrak,
------The major works of Ahadith and their authors,
--------The Muwatta of Imam Malik,
--------The Musnad of Imam Ahmad,
--------Sahih al-Bukhari,
--------Sahih Muslim,
--------Sunan at-Tirmidhi,
--------Sunan Abu Dawud,
--------Sunan an-Nisa'i,
--------Sunan ibn Majah,
------The Sihah as-Sittah and their standing,
------Review and Recall,
------Self-Assessment Questions.

Part [III] Classification of Hadith According to the Degree of Reliability,

---Lesson 7 : 'Ulum al-Hadith and it's Terminologies,
------Each Science or Field of Human Knowledge,
--------'Ilm Mustalah Al-Hadith,
--------Al-Imam al-Muhaddith,
--------Amir al-Mu'minin fi'l-hadith,
------Review and Recall,
------Self-Assessment Questions.

---Lesson 8 : Kinds of Ahadith Maqbul,
------Sahih Li Zatihi,
------Hasan Li Zatihi,
------Sahih Li Ghairih,
------Hasan Li Ghairihi,
------Review and Recall,
------Self-Assessment Questions.

---Lesson 9 : Kinds of Ahadith Mardud,
------Review and Recall,
------Self-Assessment Questions.

Part [IV] Classification of Hadith According to the Study of Matn,

---Lesson 10 : The Study of Matn according to the Qa'il,
------Categories of Ahadith according to the Qa'il,
------Hadith al-Qudsi,
------Differences between Hadith al-Qudsi and the Qur'an,
------Review and Recall,
------Self-Assessment Questions.

---Lesson 11 : Issues Related to the Study of Matn,
------Gharib al-Hadith,
------An-Nasikh wa al-Mansukh,
------Identifying Naskh,
------Mukhtalaf al-Hadith,
------Muhkam al-Hadith,
------Asbab Wurud al-Hadith,
------Review and Recall,
------Self-Assessment Questions.

Part [V] Classification of Hadith According to the Study of Sanad,

---Lesson 12 : Kinds of Ahadith according to the continuity of their Sanad,
------In the study of Hadith,
------Al-Mu'an'an and Al-Muannan,
------Al-Mazid fi Muttasil al-Asanid,
------Review and Recall,
------Self-Assessment Questions.

---Lesson 13 : Kinds of Ahadith according to 'Missing Narrators' in their Sanad,
------Al-Mursal Al-Khafiy,
------Review and Recall,
------Self-Assessment Questions.

Part [VI] Classification of Hadith According to Both Studies of Matn and Sanad,

---Lesson 14 : Kinds of Ahadith in a single Riwayah,
------Al-Hadith Al-Gharib,
------Al-Hadith al-Fard or al-Ahad,
------Review and Recall,
------Self-Assessment Questions.

---Lesson 15 : Similar Ahadith in Multiple Riwayah,
------Categories of Similar Ahadith in Multiple Riwayah,
---------a. Mutawatir Lafzi,
---------b. Mutawatir Ma'nawiyy,
---------a. Total concurrence,
---------b. Concurrence only in the middle of the chain,
------Review and Recall,
------Self-Assessment Questions.

---Lesson 16 : Kinds of Contradicting Ahadith in Multiple Riwayah.
------Categories of contradicting Ahadith in multiple Riwayah,
---------in the chain,
---------in the text,
------Review and Recall,
------Self-Assessment Questions.












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