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Zalzala : English Translation
Zalzala : English Translation
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  • Authored by: Allama Arshad al-Qadri

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Details:  Zalzala : Convulsion (English Translation),
*[A5] Paperback - 141 pages, First Published 1998,
by Allama Arshad al-Qadiri,
Published by The Sunni Youth Federation (4th Edition).

Description :

This is the book that present day Deobandis tried to ban and are anxious that you do not read nor pass to their followers, as it is irrefutable!

This is the reason why, extracted from the opening page ...

Objective Analysis of Zalzalah
by : Maulavi A'mir Usmani, Editor of ''Tajalli'' Deoband.

'' The learned author of this book belongs to the Barelwi (Ahl al-Sunnah w'al-Jama'at) School of thought. It gives me great pleasure to express that to a great extent his style of writing is free from those famous defects of the pens of Barelwi authors and there is to a vast extent elementary reasoning in his knowledge and speech. It is a different matter that he has not yet reached complete perfection.

In this book the author has, by quoting from the works of Deobandi Ulema, explained that they (Deobandi Ulema) with regards to beliefs (Aqua'ed) are guilty of gross contradictions. There are certain religious acts, which they (Deobandi Ulema) associate with the Barelwis and declare them as innovation (Bid'at), Shirk (blasphemy) and Kufr (infidelity), but the same are established to be an essence of Imaan when it comes to their own Elders. If it would have been the same distorted logic which generally appears through the medium of posters and pamphlets brought out by the exponents of the Barelwi School of Thought from time to time, I would have taken no interest in it. But this book contains the documentation of true evidence which cannot be disputed. Since the author has expressed his thoughts in a most sober manner. I, therefore, see no reason in fulfilling my moral obligation to present an impartial analysis.

The author on the one hand has shown that Maulana Ismail Shaheed in his book "TaqwiyatuI Imaan" and other Deobandi Ulema have mentioned that to believe the Prophets having the knowledge of the unseen (Ilm-e-Ghaib) and possessing the powers of help, is regarded as Bid'at, Shirk and totally against the concept of "Tawheed", and on the other hand proved that the same Deobandi Ulema believe that their Leaders possess the knowledge of the unseen and the powers to assist the needy.

The matter is really of great concern. The author has definitely not taken any insignificant or irrelevant quotations to draw a conclusion, but has lifted complete excerpts without manifesting any meanings of his own. Although, I myself belong to the Deobandi School of Thought, I have no hesitation in confessing that this book has added to my knowledge about my Buzurgs (elders). I wonder as to how should I refute the charges levelled in this book. There is no chance of defence. Even the greatest of logicians and the man of knowledge cannot repel these charges which are levelled in this book against various Deobandi Buzurgs. If I were amongst those who follow blindly according to sectional beliefs, the least I could have done was not to mention this book. God save me from the false thinking of sectionalism. It is my virtuous obligation to regard truth as truth. And the truth is that the charges of contradictions levelled against certain Deobandi Ulema as substantiated in this book with documentary proof are solid. '' ---Maulavi A'amir Usmani, Editor of Tajalli, Deoband.

About the Author : Allama Arshad ul Qadri, may Allah have mercy upon him, was an eminent traditional Islamic scholar as well as a prolific author. Of the many books authored by the Mawlana, it is this book in front of you, Zalzala! that reached huge aclaim not just for it's contents but the style and manner in which it was written. So much so that even many senior scholars of the controversial 'deoband' school of thought praised Allama sahib and his meticulous research.

Allama sahib was born on the 5th March 1925 in the town of Syed Pura (District Baliya) of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. His father, Mawlana Shah 'Abd 'al-Latif, rahimullah, (who himself was a noted graduate from Dar al Uloom Hanafia, Jaunpur) sent him to Ghazipur for his Higher Education. It was here that he spent most of his early life. Allama sahib's sister was married in Jaunpur, but later became a widow. She then remarried to none other than Mufti Amjad Ali A'zami, may Allah be pleased with him, (the author of Bahar e Shariah) and he accompanied his sister to Azamgarh.  His elder brother, Mawlana Ghulam 'Aasi, rahimullah, brought him to Madrassah Ashrafiyyah, Mubarakpur, which proved a major turning point in his life. In 1944, he acquired his post graduate (Dastar e Fazilat) degree from Jamiya Ashrafiyyah, from Hafiz al-Millah; Allama Shah Hafiz Abd 'al-Aziz al-Ashrafi, alayhi ar-Rahman, who had played a significant role in his education.

Not content with just his education, Allama sahib was passionate about educating the masses, so he travelled, taught and founded numerous Madrassahs, Mosques, Institutions and Organisations. He was instrumental in launching huge Global movements such as The World Islamic Mission, Dawat-e-Islami (Karachi) and Madinat ul Islam, the Hague (Netherlands). In India, Jamiya Faiz ul Uloom, (Jamshedpur), Darul Zia ul Islam (Howrah), Darul Uloom Makhdumia (Guwahati), Madrassah Madinatul Uloom (Bangalore), Faiz ul Uloom High School, (Jamshedpur) and Jamiya Hadrat Nizam al-Din Awliya (New Delhi) bear evidence to his tireless efforts and concern for Islam and the Ummah. He also launched two journals Jame Kausar and Jame Noor.

On 30th April 2002, he passed away and was laid to rest in the courtyard of Faiz ul Uloom in Jamshedpur.

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