An Introduction to Fiqh Mu'amalat



 An Introduction to Fiqh Mu'amalat,
Large [A4+] Paperback - 154 pages,
by Dr Abidullah Ghazi and Dr. Tasneema Ghazi,
Published by Iqra High School Studies, USA.

Description :
Fiqh Muamalat is the part of Fiqh dealing with relations between people, such as the Islamic commercial law. It is the area of fiqh which governs the review process for Islamic financial products from the perspective of Shari'ah-compliance and does not have legal force in countries without explicitly Islamic legal systems that cover commercial transactions.

Muamalat is a set of rules (fiqh) related to worldly matters such as business/trading/commerce transactions, lending and borrowing contracts. Muamalat nowadays, is always associated to economics and finance since these elements are the key for happiness in this world and hereafter.

This is a textbook with 'Review and Recall' and 'Self-Assesment Questions' at the end of each section.

Table of Contents :

Unit [1]. 'Aqd (Contract), Uqud (Contracts),
---Topic 1.  'Aqd ( contract) and its ways / modes.

Unit [2]. Bay' (Sale) & Tijarah (Trade),
---Topic 2.  What is Bay' (Sale) ?
---Topic 3.  Manners and Etiquettes of Bay'
---Topic 4.  Khiyar (option),
---Topic 5.  Forbidden Transactions,
---Topic 6.  Riba (Interest and/or Usury).

Unit [3]. Kinds of Business,
---Topic 7.  Bay Al-Juzaf (Gross Sale),
---Topic 8.  Bay' As-Sarf (Currency Exchange).

Unit [4]. Variable Return Financing Modes/Business,
---Topic  9.  Shirkah (Partnership),
---Topic 10. Mudharabah (Passive Partnership).

Unit [5]. Fixed Return Financing Modes/Business,
---Topic 11. Murabahah (Sales Contract at a Profit Mark-Up),
---Topic 12. Ijarah (Lease Contract),
---Topic 13. Istinaa' (Contract of Manufacture),
---Topic 14. Salam (Forward Contract).

Unit [6]. Qard (Loan),
---Topic 15. Qard (Loan),
---Topic 16. Al-'Ariyah (Simple Loan),
---Topic 17. Ar-Rahn (Mortgage/Pawning),
---Topic 18. Hibah (Gift).


















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