I am a British Muslim

 I am a British Muslim, My Rights and Responsibilities,
*[A5] Paperback - 124 pages, Back in Stock Dec 2017,
by Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada,
Published by Al-Karam Publications, UK.

Description :

I AM A BRITISH MUSLIM is a timely publication that is concise and straight-forward. The book commences with the history of Islam in Great Britain as well as the highly significant era of Muslim Spain that has lasting effects on the modern world. It then broadly highlights the code of British citizenship and then comprehensively examines the rights and responsibilities of British Muslims in light of the teachings of Islam.

Covering the themes of neighbours, civic participation, social cohesion, conduct towards others as well as duties towards the children, it also provides food for thought relating to Islamophobia, anti-Islamic hate, media and security for person and property.

The author has also provided sound reasoning and refutations of the popular criticism and allegations made against the religion of Islam. Written in the author's unique and to-the-point style, the book is an essential read for Muslims and non-Muslims living in the Western world.

Table of Contents :

------Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham,
------Mawlana Muhammad Shahid Raza Naeemi,
------Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad (T.J.Winter),
------Haji Ahmad Thomson.


---Chapter [1]. Muslim Spain,
------The arrival of Muslims in Spain,
------The advancement of Muslim Spain,
------The educational revolution in Muslim Spain,
------The establishment of Universities in England and Europe,
------Muslim Spain was home to Jews, Christians and Muslims,
------The end of the Muslims and the Jews in Spain,
------A contrast in religious tolerance.

---Chapter [2]. Islam in Great Britain,
------Islam and Britain,
------The education and propagation of Islam in Britain,
------The establishing of Mosques in Britain,
------The locals accepting Islam,
------Allama Iqbal and Britain,
------The role of Muslims in the advancement of Britain,
------The role of Muslims in British politics,
------The population of Britain,
------The laws of Britain and the laws of Islam.

---Chapter [3]. I am a British Muslim,
------British citizenship,
------My oath of allegiance,
------My pledge,
------My rights and responsibilities.

---Chapter [4]. My Responsibilities,
------Adherence to the oath and pledge,
------Appreciating the positives of the Government,
------The development of Britain,
------Respect towards others,
------Mutual understanding,
------Tolerance and liberal mindedness.

---Chapter [5]. My Neighbours,
------Exchanging gifts with the neighbours,
------The good treatment of neighbours,
------Annoying the neighbours,
------Partaking in the sorrow and joy of the neighbours,
------We are all neighbours of one another,
------Eliminating malice and starvation from the world,
------Neighbourly conducts brings a non-Muslim to Islam,
------The family of God.

---Chapter [6]. My Children,
------Supervision of Children,
------Education at school,
------Islamic education,
------Scientific and technological education,
------The first school,
------The role of Imams and scholars,
------Friends of the children,
------The Muslim family.

---Chapter [7]. My Rights,
------The limits of freedom of speech,
------An unbiased media,
------Anti-Islamic hate,
------Security of person and property,
------I am not a terrorist.

---Chapter [8]. Understanding Islam,
------Misreading the Qur'an,
------The context of the beginning,
------The state of the Arabs before Islam,
------The Holy Prophet's revolution,
------The Holy Prophet's treaty as a young man,
------The Holy Prophet's conduct towards an enemy soldier,
------The Holy Prophet's dealing with God's creation,
------Jihad (to struggle and strive),
------Qital (to fight),
------Struggle in the Way of Allah,
------The beginning of fighting,
------The etiquettes of fighting,
------Did Islam spread by the sword?
------The Mercy to the World,
------Mercy to non-Muslims,
------Mercy to women and servants,
------Mercy to animals,
------Mercy to the camel,
------Mercy to the dog,
------Mercy to the cat,
------Mercy to birds,
------Mercy to the enviroment and vegetation,
------Ending note.

---Author's Other Works.

Highly Recommended!!!

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  • Written by: Sh. Imdad Hussain Pirzada

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