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Sufi Saints

The Sufi Saints of the Indian Sub-Continent
The Sufi Saints of the Indian Sub-Continent
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  • Authored by: Dr. Zahural Hasan Sharib Chishti

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Details:  The Sufi Saints of the Indian Sub-Continent,  
[A5] Hardback - 428 pages,
by Dr. Zahural Hassan Sharib al-Chishti.
Published in Delhi.

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Description :

Synopsis:   "This book - The Sufi Saints of the Indian Subcontinent - is a short biographical sketch of sufiya'-e-kiram (the generous mystics) of the Indian subcontinent.

If we want falaah wa behbood (success and well-being) here, in this faani (perishable) world and in the aakhirat (the next world, life after death) which isbaqa'e-davam (everlastingness), the teachings of these sufi's will be very useful because these saints have left a lasting legacy that will guide the people today and in future."


Table of Contents:


---[1]. Hazrat Khawaja Muin-ud-din Hasan Chishti.
---[2]. Hazrat Khwaja Qutb-ud-din Bakhtyar Kaki. 
---[3]. Hazrat Khwaja Fakhr-ud-din Abul-Khayr.
---[4]. Hazrat Qazi Hamid-ud-din of Nagore.
---[5]. Hazrat Sufi Hamid-ud-din of Nagore.
---[6]. Hazrat Shaykh Badr-ud-din Ghaznavi.
---[7]. Hazrat Shaykh Najib-ud-din Mutawakkil.
---[8]. Hazrat Khwaja Nizam-ud-din Auliya.
---[9]. Hazrat Sayyad Ala-ud-din Ahmad Sabir.
---[10]. Hazrat Shaykh Sharf-ud-din Ahmad of Munir.
---[11]. Hazrat Shaykh Sharf-ud-din Bu Ali Qalandar.
---[12]. Hazrat Khwaja Husam-ud-din Soqta.
---[13]. Hazrat Nasir-ud-din Mahmud Chiragh of Delhi.
---[14]. Hazrat Shams-ud-din Turk of Panipat.
---[15]. Hazrat Amir Khusraw.
---[16]. Hazrat Mawlana Fakhr-ud-din Marozi.
---[17]. Hazrat Mawlana Ala-ud-din Nili.
---[18]. Hazrat Shaykh Burhan-ud-din Gharib.
---[19]. Hazrat Mawlana Shams-ud-din Muhammad Yahya.
---[20]. Hazrat Qazi Mohi-ud-din of Kashan.
---[21]. Hazrat Khwaja Amir Hasan.
---[22]. Hazrat Shaykh Sadr-ud-din Tabib-e-Dilha.
---[23]. Hazrat Khwaja Zia-ud-din Nakhshabi.
---[24]. Hazrat Shaykh Kamal-ud-din.
---[25]. Hazrat Shaykh Jalal-ud-din of Panipat.
---[26]. Hazrat Shaykh Nur-ul-Haq Wad-din.
---[27]. Hazrat Shaykh Fath-ul-lah.
---[28]. Hazrat Khwaja Sayyad Muhammed Gesu Deraz. 
---[29]. Hazrat Shaykh Ahmad Abd-ul-Haq.
---[30]. Hazrat Sayyad Badi-ud-din Qutb-e-Madar.
---[31]. Hazrat Qutb-e-' Alam.
---[32]. Hazrat Shaykh Abul-Fatah of Jaunpur.
---[33]. Hazrat Shaykh Muhammad Arif.
---[34]. Hazrat Shaykh Muhammad.
---[35].Hazrat Sayyad Abd-ul-Malik.
---[36]. Hazrat Shaykh Sarang.
---[37]. Hazrat Shah Meena.
---[38]. Hazrat  Shaykh Ahmad Khatto.
---[39]. Hazrat Mir Sayyad Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Simnani.
---[40]. Hazrat Sayyad Shah Buddhan.
---[41]. Hazrat Shaykh Abdullah Shattari.
---[42]. Hazrat Shaykh Darvesh Muhammed.
---[43]. Hazrat Shaykh Husam-ud-din of Manakpur.
---[44]. Hazrat Khwaja Hussain of Nagore.
---[45]. Hazrat Shaykh Sa'd-ud-din of Khayrabad.
---[46]. Hazrat Sama-ud-din Suhrawardi.
---[47]. Hazrat Shaykh Ahmad Mujad Shebani.
---[48]. Hazrat Khwaja Khanu.
---[49]. Hazrat Mawlana Shah Jamali.
---[50]. Hazrat Shaykh Abd 'al-Quddus.
---[51]. Hazrat Shah Abd 'ur-Razzaq Jhungana.
---[52]. Hazrat Shaykh Hamza.
---[53]. Hazrat Shaykh Aman.
---[54]. Hazrat Shah Abd 'ur-Rahman Janbaz Qalandar.
---[55]. Hazrat Shaykh Salim Chishti.
---[56]. Hazrat Shaykh Jalal-ud-din Mahmud.
---[57]. Hazrat Khwaja Baqi Billah.
---[58]. Hazrat Shaykh Ahmad Mujaddid Alif-e-Sani.
---[59]. Hazrat Shaykh Abu. Sa'id.
---[60]. Hazrat Shah Abd'al-Haq.
---[61]. Hazrat Shaykh Muhammad Sadiq.
---[62]. Hazrat Sayyad Shah Amir Abul-la.
---[63]. Hazrat Sarmad.
---[64]. Hazrat Mir Sayyad Muhammad.
---[65]. Hazrat Sayyad Dost Muhammad.
---[66]. Hazrat Shaykh Dawood.
---[67]. Hazrat Shah Abul-Ma'ale.
---[68]. Hazrat Muhammad Sa'id Miran Shah Bhika.
---[69]. Hazrat Shah Muhammad Farhad.
---[70]. Hazrat Sayyad Nur Muhammad.
---[71]. Hazrat Shaykh Kalim-ullah of Shahjahanabad.
---[72]. Hazrat Shah Nizam-ud-din of Aurangabad.
---[73]. Hazrat Muhammad Salim.
---[74]. Hazrat Shah Wali-ul-lah Muhaddith Dehlawi.
---[75]. Hazrat Mirza Jane-Jahan Mazhar Shahid.
---[76]. Hazrat Mawlana Muhammad Fakhr-ud-din.
---[77]. Hazrat Shah Abul-Barkat.
---[78]. Hazrat Sayyad Muhammad Azam.
---[79]. Hazrat Shah Abd-ul-Aziz.
---[80]. Hazrat Hafiz Musa.
---[81]. Hazrat Shah Niyaz Ahmad.
---[82]. Hazrat Shah Muhammad Afaq.
---[83]. Hazrat Shah Abu Sa'id.
---[84]. Hazrat Hafiz Sayyad Muhammad Hussain.
---[85]. Hazrat Shah Nasir-ud-din.
---[86]. Hazrat Sayyad Muhammad Ghous Ali Shah.
---[87]. Hazrat Mawlana Shah Fazl-e-Rahman.
---[88]. Hazrat Mawlana Sayyad Waris Ali Shah.
---[89]. Hazrat Sayyad Malik Muhammad Alam.
---[90]. Hazrat Qazi Abd 'ur-Rahim Shah.
---[91]. Hazrat Nawab Gudri Shah Baba.
---[92]. Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh Ali al-Hujweri.
---[93]. Hazrat Shah Muhammad Yusuf Gurdezi.
---[94]. Hazrat Shaykh Jalal-ud-din.
---[95]. Hazrat Baba Farid-ud-din Mas'ud Ganj-e-Shakar.
---[96]. Hazrat Shaykh Baha-ud-din Zakariya al-Multani.
---[97]. Hazrat Shaykh Badr-ud-din Sulayman. 
---[98]. Hazrat Shaykh Sadr-ud-din Arif.
---[99]. Hazrat Shaikh Rukn-ud-din Abul-Fath.
---[100]. Hazrat Sayyad Jalal-ud-din Surq Bukhara.
---[101]. Hazrat Makhdoom Jahanian-e-Jahan Gasht.
---[102]. Hazrat Mawlana Badr-ud-din Ishaq.
---[103]. Hazrat Shaykh Jamal-ud-din Ahmad.
---[104]. Hazrat Lal Shahbaz al-Qalandar.
---[105]. Hazrat Qutb-ud-din Munawwar.
---[106]. Hazrat Sayyad Sadr-ud-din Raja Qattal.
---[107]. Hazrat Sayyad Kabir-ud-din Hasan.
---[108]. Hazrat Makhdoom Shaykh Muhammad.
---[109]. Hazrat  Makhdoom Shaykh Abd al-Qadir.
---[110]. Hazrat Shaykh Dawood.
---[111]. Hazrat Miyan Mir.
---[112]. Hazrat Madhu Lal Hussain.
---[113]. Hazrat Shah Abu'l-Ma'ali.
---[114]. Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahu.
---[115]. Hazrat Bulleh Shah.
---[116]. Hazrat Shah Abd 'al-Latif.
---[117]. Hazrat Shaykh Dawood Jhani Wal.
---[118]. Hazrat Shah Bilawal.
---[119]. Hazrat Shah Kamal.
---[120]. Hazrat Shah Jamal.
---[121]. Hazrat Shah Chiragh.
---[122]. Hazrat Shah Abu Ishaq.
---[123]. Hazrat Dargahi Shah.
---[124]. Hazrat Khwaja Nur Muhammad.
---[125]. Hazrat Abdullah Shah Qadiri.
---[126]. Hazrat Khwaja Shah Muhammad Sulayman.

--- Glossary,
--- Bibliography.


Also see Sufism Homepage.

Sub-continent Print Quality. [Hardback - 428 pages]

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