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Sufi Saints

Signs on the Horizons
Signs on the Horizons
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Details:  Signs on the Horizons,
Meetings with Men of Knowledge and Illumination,
*[A5] Paperback - 210 pages,
by Michael Sugich.

Back in Stock March 2019

Description :

'' This is a book of memories, a commemoration of remarkable men who have defined my life, and I dare say, the lives of many others. While a few have been celebrated, most have passed through life in obscurity. Inwardly driven, they have had an alchemical impact on me for precisely the reason that they are unknown. They did not seek anything from the world; not recognition, position, wealth, influence, prestige or admiration. They were not ethereal or otherworldly, nor were they powerful in the sense most of us imagine saints and holy men to be.

What characterised every one of these men was humility, kindness, sweetness of temper, patience, insight, and, most importantly, the remembrance of God at all times. By and large, they are men who have transcended the ordinary and achieved stations of spirituality and enlightenment we in the West only attribute to the Biblical fathers of ancient times or to myth. They are hidden treasures. At this writing, some are still alive but most have passed away. They are missed.

''We shall show them Our Signs on the horizons
and in themselves,
till it is clear to them that it is the Truth,
Is it not enough that your Lord
is a witness over everything
?'' ---Al-Qur'an.

'' For the people, in short, in joy and sorrow
He was an exemplar in the world, a sign
.''.---Farid-ud-Din Attar.

'' The Saints are God's Signs
which He recites to His servants
by disclosing them one after another
.''---Abu 'l Abbas Al-Mursi.

The Author : It is an enthralling contemporary memoir of one seeker’s interactions with men who have transcended the ordinary and achieved stations of spirituality and enlightenment that in the modern world we only attribute to the ancient times or to myth. Michael Sugich, an American writer who was initiated into a traditional Sufi order over forty years ago and who lived for 23 years in the sacred city of Makkah Al Mukaramah, has kept company with some of the greatest Sufi saints of the age from many parts of the world. His book is a unique eye-witness narrative of a mystical tradition that today hides in plain sight, veiled by the turbulence and materialism gripping the Muslim world. It is a spellbinding personal memoir told with eloquence, empathy, self-effacing humor, insight and love.

Table of Contents :


---[1]. Appearances,
---The Hidden,
---An Ordinary Man,
---The Caretaker,
---An Overflow of Ecstasy,
---A Black Ant on a Black Stone,
---The Mu'adhin of Sefrou,
---Rock Candy,
---Almond Milk.

---[2]. Encounters,
---The Man who wanted to go to Madinah,
---All Night Long,
---The Weeping Eye,
---The Glance,
---The Nubian beside the Tomb,
---Meeting with the Minister,
---The Lord of the Middle Atlas,
---The Unseen.

---[3]. The Illuminated,
---First Light,
---Black Light,
---The Beacon,
---24 Hours,
---The Centenarian,
---The Cure,
---River of Heaven,
---Three Hundred,
---The Merchant,
---The English Saint,
---Gazing at the House.

---[4]. Love,
---The Beloved,
---Ambassador extraordinaire and plenipotentiary.

---[5]. Song and Dance,
---To dance of not to dance, (hadra),
---The Heart shatterer.

---[6]. The Living,
---Direct from Paradise,
---In Transit,
---Transfigured Night.

---Full circle.

---About the Author,
---Photo Credits.

''A classic of contemporary writing on Islam.'' ---Abdal-Hakim Murad, Cambridge Muslim College.

'' A beautiful book ... destined to become a classic.'' ---Dr. Alan Godlas, Dept of Religion, University of Georgia.

'' The stories Michael Sugich tells are overwhelming.'' ---S. Abdallah Schleifer. Professor Emeritus, American University in Cairo.

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*Dimensions: 23 x 15.5cm  |  Good quality print and binding.

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