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Dimensions & Isnad Bundle
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Dimensions & Abu Bakr Bundle
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Hadith Coll. (Urdu)

Mirat al-Manajih sharh Mishkat : Urdu [P]
Mirat al-Manajih sharh Mishkat : Urdu [P]
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  • Authored by: Mufti Ahmad Yaar Khan Naimi

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Details:  Mir'at al-Manajih - 8 Vols [Urdu & Arabic],
 sharh Mishkat al-Masabih,
*[A4] Hardback -  8 Separate Volumes,
Mishkat al-Masabih by Imam al-Tabrizi [d.741h],
Sharh by Mufti Ahmad Yaar Na'imi al-Ashrafi [d.1391h],
Published by Qadiri Publishers, Lahore.

Back in Stock August 2019

Description :

Mir'at al-Manajih sharh Mishkat al-Masabih - Compiled from three major Hanafi sources: Lam'at in arabic and Ashyiatu'l Lam'at in persian by Shaykh 'Abdu 'l-Haqq Muhaddith al-Dehlawi and Mirqat in Arabic by Mawlana Mulla `Ali al-Qari, may Allah be pleased with them, all three being exegeses of Mishkat shareef.

Mishkat al Masabeeh
(Masabih) is one of the most authentic secondary collections of Ahadith, produced in the 8th century Hijri. The Mishkat has enjoyed wide popularity in the world of Islamic learning when it was first compiled by Imam al-Tabrizi. Most of the Hadith are from the Sahih Sitta, (the six Authentic Hadith Books).

About this Edition :

This set is in 8 Volumes and is complete. It is published in Lahore Pakistan. Contains the Arabic text with its Urdu sharh. It is a reasonable print, see images below for sample pages. As with most sub-continental publications, has the usual bruising to covers and spine, with the odd rip and crease.

Imam al-Tabrizi :

Imam Wali' ud-Din 'Abu Abd'Allah Mahmud al-Tabrizi, may Allah have mercy upon him, was a renowned muhaddith (scholar of hadith) of his time. He was well-versed in the intricacies of the Arabic language and rhetorics. It is unfortunate, however, that not much is known about his life. Al-Tabrizi is to be commended for successfully improving upon Imam al-Baghawi's [d.516h] Masabih al-Sunnah.

Mufti Ahmad Yaar Khan :

He is Hadrat Allama wa Mawlana Mufti Ahmad Yar Khan Naeemi al-Ashrafi, may Allah have mercy upon him, a renowned scholar of Islam. Mufti Yaar Khan is noted for his extraordinary brilliance and insight that scintillate in his monumental works like: Mirat al-Manajih (Sharh e Mishkat al-Masabih, in 8 Volumes), Tafsir al-Na'imi, multi volumes, Ja al-Haq, Noor al-Irfan (Qur'an commentary on Ala'Hadrat, alayhi ar-Rahman's, masterful Kanzul Iman in urdu) and so on.

Mufti Ahmad Yaar Khan books!

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*Single Volume Dimensions : 24.5 x 18.5cm.

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