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Shafi\'i : Tasheelul Fiqh 1
Shafi'i : Tasheelul Fiqh 1
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Details:  Shafi'i : Tasheelul Fiqh no 1,
*[A4] Paperback - 43 pages
For the Shafi'i Madhhab.

Description :

Tasheelul Fiqh, according to the Shafi'i madhhab [Book 1] - Fiqh (Shafi'i) Made Easy.

Completely interactive books in English, with Questions, quiz, word search, etc ideal for schools, madrassahs or teach at home. Kids will enjoy as well as learn at the same time.

Table of Contents :

---Introduction to Fiqh,

Chapter [1]: Istinjaa,
---Lesson (1), How to use the bathroom?
---Lesson (2), How to enter the bathroom?
---Lesson (3), How to sit, when in the bathroom,
---Lesson (4), Taking care of your clothes when seated,
---Lesson (5), Which hand to use for cleansing?
---Lesson (6), How to clean oneself in the bathroom?
---Lesson (7), How do we leave the bathroom?
---Lesson (8), What to pray upon leaving the bathroom?
---A Poem (9), Poem : 'The Eight Things Muslims Should Do!'
---Questions (10), Questions related to Istinjaa!

Chapter [2]: Keeping your body clean,
---When washing or bathing,
---Lesson (11), What do we use to clean ourself?
---Lesson (12), How do we clean ourself?
---Lesson (13), How do we rinse ourselves?
---Lesson (14), Let us talk about how we waste water!
---Lesson (15), A Poem : 'Hush, Hush Baby!'
---Questions (16), Questions related to 'Keeping your body Clean!'

Chapter [3] Clean Habits,
---Some clean habits,
---Lesson (17), What do we do after waking up in the morning?
---Lesson (18), What do we do before/after eating?
---Lesson (19), How do we take care of our teeth?
---Lesson (20), How do we take care of our nails?
---Lesson (21), How do we take care of our hair?
---Lesson (22), Ways to keep our noses clean?
---A Poem (23), Poem: 'We are Muslims!'
---Questions (24), Questions related to cleaning habits!

Chapter [4] The Surroundings of a Muslim,
---How to keep my surroundings clean?
---Lesson (25), What do we do with litter?
---Lesson (26), What not to do with litter?
---Lesson (27), Ways to keep our homes and bedrooms clean!
---Lesson (28), How can we help keep the bathroom spotless?
---Lesson (29), Picking up litter and rubbish!
---A Poem (30), Poem: 'Careful Little Muslims!'
---Questions (31), Questions related to the Surroundings of a Muslim!

---Notes and Guidance for the Teacher.

*Currently the only series [for children] available in English for the shafi'i madhhab.

More shafi'i fiqh books.

*Dimensions : 25 x 21cm.

2 Colour Print.

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