Qur'anic Gems of Knowledge

 Qur'anic Gems of Knowledge, Ma'ariful Qur'an,
*Booklet - 80 pages,
by Faqih al-Millat: Mufti Jalaluddin  Ahmad Amjadi,
Translated into English by Sajid al-Hashemi.
First Edition: 2004.

Description :

''A Gateway to Understanding a few Verses of the Noble Qur'an '' :

This booklet Ma'ariful Qur'an was first written in the urdu language by the writer and scholar Hadrat Mufti Jalal al-Din Ahmad Amjadi, alayhi ar-Rahman, for the benefit of those who are anxious to know at least the basic beliefs of Imaan (faith) and Islam but do not have enough time to fulfill their educational and spiritual desire. The writer felt the need and thirst of the general Muslim and as a result given them a number of booklets as this, which will enable a layman to have a clear conception as well as foundation about the very basic belief.

Table of Contents :

---[1] Praise to Allah Almighty,
---[2] The Grandeur of the Command of the Prophet, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
---[3] The Prophet as Mercy for the Entire Universe,
---[4] Etiquette of the Respectable Court of the Holy Prophet,
---[5] The Dignity of a Muslim,
---[6] The Consequence of Imprudence to the Prophet,
---[7] The Real Piety,
---[8] Good Deeds in Vain,
---[9] Belief is Prior to Practice,
---[10] Obedience to the Prophet,
---[11] Infidels and the word ''human'' !
---[12] The have Belief in Allah only is not enough,
---[13] Knowledge of the Unseen, (Ilm al-Ghayb),
---[14] Mediation, (Tawwasul),
---[15] The Sacred Relics, (Tabarukkaat),
---[16] Supernatural possessions,
---[17] Lawful and Unlawful,
---[18] Veil,
---[19] Prayer,
---[20] Fasting,
---[21] Religious Tax and Alms (Zakaat / Charity),
---[22] The Rights of Parents,
---[23] Punishment for Falsifying the Verses,
---[24] To Call any place Sacred,
---[25] To Call an infidel as infidel,
---[26] Life sketch of the author : Faqih al-Millat.

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*Sub-Continent Print and Translation.

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  • Written by: Mufti Jalal al-Din Amjadi

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