Litanies of the Path

Litanies of the Path
English / Arabic Text, 
*Small Paperback - 101 pages,
[2nd Edition with Transliteration : Roman English],
Compiled by Rizwana Sayed,
Published by Sakina, UK.


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Description :   Extract from the Introduction :

'' This book is a small but powerful compilation of some of the greatest litanies that have been inspired to the Saints of Allah, the source of which is the ocean of the Qur'an and the enlightened Sunna. The benefit of these litanies are religious and worldly, spiritual and physical, inward and outward. However, whether it is for protection, the fulfillment of needs, or the easing of the Path, the ultimate aim and the principle lesson in each is of servitude to the One True God: Allah. Each litany has it's own unique blessing which the scholars have commented upon and which would be too lengthy too elucidate here.''

This latest edition now includes eight litanies in easy to read Arabic text with tashkeel and full transliteration for easy reading.

Table of Contents :


Litanies include:

---[1] Wird al-Latif of Imam al-Haddad
[2] The Ratib ul-Attas of Habib Umar bin Abd ar-Rahman al-Attas,
[3] Ratib of Imam al-Haddad
[4] Hizb an-Nasr of Imam al-Haddad,
[5] The Litany of Imam an Nawawi,
[6] Hizb al Bahr of Imam Abu'l-Hassan ash-Shadhili,
[7] The Litany of Imam Abu Bakr bin Abd ar-Rahman as-Saqqaf (Wird as-Sakran)
[8] The Creed of Truth.

Second edition of the 'Litanies of the Path'-  part of the 'Sakina Awrad Series'.




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