Luban : Frankincense [L]

 Luban : Frankincense [L],
Large Size Gum,
75g Tub,

Description :

Frankincense is used in incenses for protection, exorcism, purification and consecration. It is also burned to induce visions, and used in sachets for protection.

When burned, frankincense releases powerful vibrations which uplift the area and drive out all evil and negativity.

About Frankincense or Olibanum
: The urdu word for frankincense, luban clearly comes the Arabic al-luban meaning ‘the milk’ which refers to the colour of the highest quality frankincense, which is milky tree sap which exudes from the cut bark of the frankincense tree and allowed to dry onto the tree before it is collected. By that time it is a hard resin. It comes in different shades which depend on the season in which it is gathered. It is whiter in autumn, and gets darker as the season changes to spring. It can be a pale lemon colour, or pale green and pale or dark amber. It is harvested two or three times a year and the best frankincense comes from young trees.     

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