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Imam al-Ghazali

Imam al-Ghazali : On Repentance
Imam al-Ghazali : On Repentance
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  • Authored by: Imam al-Ghazali

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Details:  Imam al-Ghazali: On Repentance, Kitab al-Tawbah,
[A5+] Paperback - 348 pages, English with separate Arabic text,
by Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali,
Translated by S.M. Stern.

Revised & Edited by Abu Ibraheem al-Hanafi,
Published by Dar al-Fiqh,
with the Imam al-Ghazali Institute, 900th Anniversary,
Kitab al-Tawbah ; Book XXXI of the Ihya Ulum al-Din.

Description :

Kitab al-Tawbah (The Book of Repentance) is the first book from the Fourth Quarter of the Ihya' Ulum al-Din, The Revival of the Religious Sciences. There is no doubt that tawbah (repentance) is an essential part of the teachings of Islam. As Allah Almighty has declared in al-Qur'an al-Karim "Indeed Allah loves the tawwabin (those who repent)."

The book is divided into an introduction and four chapters :

---Chapter One deals with the true nature of tawbah and an explanation of the obligatory character of tawbah.

---Chapter Two deals with situations that require tawbah and the divisions of Sins into Kaba'ir and Sagha'ir.

---Chapter Three deals with Remorse, the Requisites and the Permanent nature of tawbah.

---Chapter Four deals with persistence in Sins, its causes and its remedy in tawbah.

Table of Contents :

---Translation of the Introduction to the Revival of the Religious Sciences,
---Imam al-Ghazali's Introduction to the Ihya Ulum al-Din,
---Translation of the Book of Repentance (Kitab al-Tawbah),

Chapter One :

The First Pillar - On the Nature of Repentance,
---Explanation of Repentance and it's Definition,
---Explanation of the Obligation and Excellance of Repentance,
---Explanation that Promptness is [essential in fulfilling] the Obligation of Repentance,
---Explanation of the Universality of the Obligation of Repentance, no one being free of it,
---Explanation that upon Accumulation of it's Requisites, Repentance is surely accepted.

Chapter Two :

The Second Pillar - The Context of Repentance Being Sins Venial and Mortal,
---Explanation of Division of Sin in Relation to the Qualities of Man,
---Explanation of How Higher and Lower States, in the Hereafter are distributed according to Good and Evil Works in this Life,
---Explanation of How Minor Sins are increased.

Chapter Three :

The Third Pillar - On the Fullness, Requisites and Permanence of Repentance,
---Explanation of How People differ in the Perseverance of Repentance,
---Explanation of What the Penitent must do if he Sins with either Intention and Dominant Desire or by Chance.

Chapter Four :

The Fourth Pillar - On the Remedy of Repentance and the Way of Treatment for the Dissolution of the Knot of Persistence.

---Arabic Text of Kitab al-Tawbah,

---Appendix A
---Abbreviation Key,

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