Islamic Art and Visual Culture

Islamic Art and Visual Culture :
An Anthology of Sources,
[A5+] Paperback - 200 pages,
Edited by D. Fairchild Ruggles.



Description :

Islamic Art and Visual Culture is a collection of primary sources in translation accompanied by clear and concise introductory essays that provide unique insights into the aesthetic and cultural history of one of the world's major religions.


   **Collects essential translations from sources as diverse as the Qur'an, court chronicles, technical treatises on calligraphy and painting, imperial memoirs & foreign travel accounts,
   **Includes clear and concise introductory essays,
   **Situates each text and explains the circumstances in which it was written--the date, place, author, and political conditions,
   **Provides a vivid window into Islamic visual culture and society,
   **An indispensable tool for teachers and students of art & visual culture.


D. Fairchild Ruggles is Professor of Landscape, Art, and Architectural History at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her first book, Gardens, Landscape, and Vision in the Palaces of Islamic Spain (2000), won the Eleanor Tufts Award from the American Society for Hispanic Art Historical Studies. Her most recent book is Islamic Gardens and Landscapes (2008), which won the J.B. Jackson Prize from the Foundation for Landscape Studies. Her edited and co-edited books include Women, Patronage and Self-Representation in Islamic Societies (2000), Cultural Heritage and Human Rights (2007), Sites Unseen: Landscape and Vision (2007), and Intangible Heritage Embodied (2009).

Table of Contents :


[1] : Foundations: Religious, Political, Juridical, and Administrative Documents from Early Islam and Places in Transition.

---1.1 : The Qur'an: On Paradise,
---1.2 : The Qur'an: On the Qibla,
---1.3 : The Hadith: On Waqf,
---1.4 : Ibn 'Asakir: The Pact of 'Umar,

[2] : Behaviour, Gifts, Treasuries, and Collections.

---2.1 : Kitab al-hadaya wa al-tuhaf: A Description of Wedding Gifts,
---2.2 : Al-Muqaddasi: A Description of the Shiraz Library,
---2.3 : Kutadgu Bilig: A "Mirror for Princes"on the Qualifications of a Gatekeeper and the Etiquette for Feasts,
---2.4 : Kitab al-hadaya wa al-tuhaf: On the Looting of the Fatimid Treasury,
---2.5 : Al-Ghazali: On the Magnanimity of Kings,
---2.6 : Ibn Khaldun: On the Emblems of Sovereignty,
---2.7 : Safiye: Letter to Queen Elizabeth I,
---2.8 : Tavernier: On the Ottoman Mosaic Collection.

[3] : Art.

Workshops, Guilds, and Crafts in General :
---3.1 : The Ikhwan al-Safa': On the Education of Craftsmen,
---3.2 : Clavijo: On Timurid Trade with China,
---3.3 : Ahmad Ibn 'Arabshah: On Timur's Seizure and Relocation of Artisans,
---3.4 : Khwandamir: On Guilds and an Extraordinary Work of Glass,
---3.5 : A Report from a Book Workshop,
---3.6 : Bernier: On Artisans in Delhi.

Calligraphy and Scribes :
---3.7 : Ibn Qutayba: On the Education of a Scribe,
---3.8 : Ibn al-Nadim: On the Transmission and Authorization of Books,
---3.9 : Al-Ghazali: On Pens and Secretaries,
---3.10 : Rashid al-Din: On His Atelier Endowment,
---3.11 : Simi Nishapuri: A Treatise on Papers, Colour, and Ink,
---3.12 : Mawlana Sultan-'Ali: A Treatise on Writing,
---3.13 : Khwandamir: A Biographical Sketch of a Timurid Calligrapher,
---3.14 : Calligraphy Sample Sheet,
---3.15 : Qadi Ahmad: On the Invention of the Pen.

Painting :
---3.16 : Sadiqi Beg: A Treatise on Painting,
---3.17 : Abu'l-Fazl 'Allami: On Painting the Human Figure,
---3.18 : Jahangir: A Painting of a Flying Rodent and a Portrait Gallery,
---3.19 : Evliya Celebi: An Account of Manuscript Defacement.

Textiles :
---3.20 : Al-Bayhaqi: On Tiraz-stamped Paper and Textiles,
---3.21 : Al-Mascudi: On the Patronage of Textiles,
---3.22 : An Egyptian Tiraz Inscription,
---3.23 : Narshakhi: On Bukhara's Cloth,
---3.24 : Ibn al-Balkhi: On Linen Manufacture,
---3.25 : A Geniza Letter Regarding Trade and Market Prices.

Ceramics, Glass, Ivory, and Other Media :
---3.26 : Abu al-Qasim: On Ceramic Luster and Gilding,
---3.27 : Ibn Battuta: On Chinese Porcelain,
---3.28 : Mosque Lamp with Blazon,
---3.29 : Clavijo: On Timurid Emblems,
---3.30 : Clavijo: A Golden Tree,
---3.31 : Four Coins,
---3.32 : Jahangir Strikes a New Kind of Coin.

Geometry, Aesthetics :
---3.33 : Ibn Hazm: On Vision,
---3.34 : Ibn al-Haytham: On Vision.

[4] :  Space: Architecture and Urbanism :

---4.1 : 'Abd al-Rahman III: On Architecture and Immortality.

Architectural Technique :
---4.2 : Ibn Khaldun: On Mudbrick and Stucco,
---4.3 : Abu'l-Fazl 'Allami: On Building Materials and Technique,
---4.4 : Ca'far Efendi: On Names of Colors and Marbles.

Architectural Types and Elements :
---4.5 : Al-Bukhari: A Hadith on the First Minbar,
---4.6 : Ibn Khaldun: On the Adoption of the Maqsura,
---4.7 : Al-Maqrizi: The Dar al-imara of the Mosque of Ibn Tulun,
---4.8 : Badi al-Zaman al-Hamadani: A Bathhouse Visit,
---4.9 : Al-Wansharisi : Answers a Query about Qibla,
---4.10 : Abu'l-Fazl : On Illumination and Candlesticks.

Urbanism and Land :
---4.11 : Hilal al-Sabi': Estimating the Number of Bathhouses in Baghdad,
---4.12 : Ibn 'Abdun: A Hisba Manual for Seville,
---4.13 : Ibn Khaldun: On the Role of the Market Supervisor,
---4.14 : Al-Wansharisi Answers a Query about Waqf Violation.

[5]  : Places :

Pre-Islamic :
---5.1  : The Qur'an: Bilqis and the Glass Floor.

The Arabian Peninsula :
---5.2 : Nasir-i Khusraw: A Description of the Ka'aba,
---5.3 : Ibn Jubayr : A Description of the Mosaics in the Madina Mosque.

Syria, Jordan, and Environs :
---5.4 : Dome of the Rock Inscriptions,
---5.5 : Al-Yacqubi: On the Dome of the Rock as a Pilgrimage Site,
---5.6 : Al-Baladhuri: How the Muslim Community Obtained the Site for the Mosque of Damascus,
---5.7 : Ibn Shaddad: On Rusafa,
---5.8 : Ibn Jubayr: A Description of Aleppo's Citadel.

Iraq :
---5.9 : Al-Baladhuri: On the Founding of Kufa,
---5.10 : Al-Mascudi: On the Founding of Samarra,
---5.11 : Kitab al-hadaya wa al-tuhaf: A Reception of Byzantine Ambassadors in Baghdad.

Al-Andalus :
---5.12 : Ibn 'Idhari: On the Mosque of Cordoba,
---5.13 : Signatures of Stone Masons in the Mosque of Cordoba,
---5.14 : 'Abd al-Rahman I: Ode to a Palm Tree,
---5.15 : Ibn Ghalib: On the Construction of Madinat al-Zahra',
---5.16 : Al-Maqqari: A Description of a Glass Pavilion in Toledo,
---5.17 : Navagero: On the Alhambra.

The Maghreb, Africa, and Sicily :
---5.18 : Ziza Palace Inscriptions,
---5.19 : Ibn Naji al-Tanukhi: The Mihrab of the Great Mosque of Kairouan,
---5.20 : Al-Muqaddasi: A Description of Sabra al-Mansuriyya,
---5.21 : Ibn Marzuq: On Merinid Madrasas and Zawiyas,
---5.22 : Ibn Marzuq: On Merinid Bridges and Fountains,
---5.23 : 'Abd Salam Shabeni: A Description of Timbuktu.

Egypt :
---5.24 : Mufaddal ibn Abi al-Fada'il: On the Fatimid Processions to the Four Mosques,
---5.25 : Nasir-i Khusraw: A Description of the Fatimid Palace in Cairo,
---5.26 : Ibn Battuta: A Description of Cairo's Cemeteries,
---5.27 : Al-Maqrizi: On the Foundation of the Madrasa-Mausoleum of Sultan Salih Nejm al-Din Ayyub,
---5.28 : Baybars al-Jashankir's Waqfiyya,
---5.29 : Al-Maqrizi: On the Organization of the Sultan Qala'un Hospital in Cairo,
---5.30 : Inscription on the Facade of the Madrasa-Mausoleum of Sultan Qala'un,
---5.31 : Al-Maqrizi: A Description of the Madrasa al-Nasiriya's Gothic Portal.

Turkey and the Ottoman Empire :
---5.32 : Ibn Battuta: On a Church Conversion in Bursa.
---5.33 : Evliya Celebi: A Description of the Ulu Cami in Bursa.
---5.34 : Kritovoulos: On the Ottoman Conquest and Reconstruction of Istanbul.
---5.35 : The Inscription on the Imperial Gate of the Topkap? Palace.
---5.36 : Evliya Celebi: A Description of the Topkap? Palace.
---5.37 : Sinan: On Building the Selimiye Mosque.
---5.38 : Hafiz H'useyin al-Ayvansarayi: A Description of the S'uleymaniye Mosque.
---5.39 : Mustafa b. Ahmed 'Ali: On Building with Booty.
---5.40 : Tavernier: A Description of the Topkap? Diwan.
---5.41 : Lady Mary Wortley Montagu: Harem Visits.

Iran and Central Asia :
---5.42 : Narshakhi: On the Images on the Doors of the Bukhara Mosque,
---5.43 : Inscription on the Gunbad-i Qabus,
---5.44 : Abu 'Amr al-Juzjani: A Description of the Ghurid Palace in Firuz-Kuh,
---5.45 : Babur: A Description of Samarkand,
---5.46 : Babur: On the Construction of the Bagh-i Wafa,
---5.47 : Clavijo: A Description of the Aq Saray near Samarkand,
---5.48 : Sharaf al-Din 'Ali Yazdi: A Description of the Dilgusha Garden,
---5.49 : Junabadi: A Description of Isfahan,
---5.50 : Iskandar Beg Munshi: A Description of the Masjid-i Shah in Isfahan,
---5.51 : Olearius: A Description of Uljaytu's Tomb in Sultaniyya.

South Asia :
---5.52 : Ibn Battuta: A Description of Delhi and the Qutb Minar,
---5.53 : Firuz Shah: On Architectural Restoration,
---5.54 : The Tarikh-i Da'udi: On the Destruction of Hindu Idols,
---5.55 : Babur Plans a Garden in Agra,
---5.56 : Gulbadan Begam: On Building Projects in Agra and Dholpur,
---5.57 : Nizam al-Din Ahmad Haravi: On the Foundation of Fatehpur-Sikri,
---5.58 : 'Inayat Khan: On the Building of the Diwan-i Amm in the Agra Fort,
---5.59 : 'Inayat Khan: On the Construction of the Taj Mahal,
---5.60 : 'Inayat Khan: On Water Problems at the Shalimar Gardens in Lahore,
---5.61 : Francois Bernier: A Description of Shahjahanabad,
---5.62 : Thevenot: A Description of Aurangzeb’s Birthday Celebration.

East Asia :
---5.63 : Ibn Battuta: On Caravanserais and Mosques in China.



















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