Magic and Envy

 Magic & Envy -
In the light of Qur'an and Sunnah,
*[A5] Paperback - 84 pages,
by Shaykh Muhammad Mitwali al-Sharawi,
Translated by Aisha Bewley,
Published by Dar al-Taqwa.


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Description :

Magic, the temptation of the devil, and envy, the temptation of the ego has always been found in the societies of people. And therefore, naturally, these two threats to decency are being dealt within the last revelation from Allah Almighty to His creation, and the last Messenger, may Allah give peace and blessings to all of them, similarly dealt with these topics in his advice to his contemporaries.

We know that although magic and envy are among the hidden forces of existence they are forces whose existence is very real and about which Allah Almighty has told us. In His Noble Qur'an, Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, has asked us to seek refuge with him from 'Magic and Envy' by reciting Surat al Falaq and Surat an Nas every night for protection.

Based on the two prime sources for muslims, Sheikh al-Sha'rawi guides us through a deeper and more profound understanding of the origin of these two evils, and gives us ways to deal with them.

Shaykh Muhammad Mitwalli ash-Sha’rawi was born in a middle class family in the village of Daqadus in Egypt. Educated at the famous Al Azhar University where scholars such contributed Shaykh Ahmad Yusuf Nagati, Shaykh Ahmad `Imara, Shaykh Ibrahim Hamrush, Saykh Muhammad Mustafa al-Maragh. His speeches in Qur'an interpretation (Tafsir) attracted a massive audience that is probably unparalleled by any contemporary Azharite.

Table of Contents :

Chapter One : Hidden Powers in Existence,
---What is Unseen for Us,
---Existence and Science,
---There are Signs in the Universe,
---The Perception of Existence,
---The Forces of Existence are Many,
---Allah's Concern.

Chapter Two : What is Magic?
---The Magic of the Eyes,
---The Magicians and the Miracle,
---Pharaoh and the Magicians,
---The Use of Terror,
---The Power of Magic or the Help of the Shaytans,
---The Shaytans' Take on Forms,
---The Law of Shape-Shifting,
---The Kingdom of Saba' and the Jinn,
---The Capabilitiesof Jinn and the Capabilities of Men.

Chapter Three : Harut and Marut,
---Being Tested by Good and Evil,
---Why were there Two Angels?
---Magic and Sulayman,
---The Shaytans' Taught People Magic,
---The Shaytans' Inspire their Friends,
---The Shaytans' Knowledge of the Unseen,
---Magic and Control of this World,
---The Kingdom of Sulayman and People's Belief.

Chapter Four : Magic Harms and Does Not Benefit,
---Seeking the Help of the Jinn Does not Bring Good,
---Separating a Man from His Wife,
---"How" does not Exist in Matters of the Unseen,
---Magicians Do not Know the Unseen,
---The Jinn Do not Know the Unseen.

Chapter Five : The Messenger and Magic,
---Musa, alayhi salam, and Magic,
---The Hadith of Magic,
---The Challenge to Men and Jinn,
---Not an Indictment but a Challenge,
---The Miracle of the Hijra,
---Magic is Powerless,
---A Supplication for Protection against Magic,
---Action Belongs to Allah Alone.

Chapter Six : Envy,
---Envy IS Real,
---Seeking Refuge with Allah,
---"The Women who Blow on Knots"
---Envy for Blessings.

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