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Prophet Muhammad

Proofs of Prophethood
Proofs of Prophethood
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Details:  Proofs of Prophethood,
[A5] Paperback - 461 pages,
by Shaykh Abdel Haleem Mahmoud,
Translated by Habib Bewley,
Edited by Abdalhaqq Bewley & Muhammad Isa Waley.

Back in Stock February 2020

Description :

What proof do we have that Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, was a true Prophet, a bearer of a Divine Message? This is one of the most important things for every Muslim to know, both for their own benefit and in order to help them to explain Islam to non-Muslims.

Every sound book that has been written about the Prophet, may Allah bless him & grant him peace, provides solid evidence of his Prophethood, since they illustrate the life and character of a perfect personality - a life which no liar, imposter, or ignoble man could possibly have led.

The author has consulted the authentic classical sources on seerah (biography) and Hadith (tradition), and quotes extensively from them and from secondary literature including the writings of orientalist scholars. He discusses at length the life of the Final Messenger, his miracles and the methods of establishing the truth of his Prophetic stature.

The author of this book, the Egyptian scholar Shaykh Abdel Haleem Mahmoud, was a Rector of al-Azhar University, Cairo, the oldest seat of learning in the Muslim world. He produced a number of major works on Islamic doctrine and spirituality. Presented in a fluent translation by Habib Bewley, Proofs of Prophethood is an important contribution to modern literature in English on fundamental aspects of Islamic thoughts and doctrine.

Table of Contents :


---Chapter [1] : A Sketch of the Messenger of Allah,
------Section 1 -8,
------A Human Messenger,
------Another image of the Prophet,
------His truthfulness was a fact in any case,
------Muhammad was neither an innovator nor a false prophet.

---Chapter [2] : The Proofs of Prophethood in his Lineage,
------Qusayy ibn Kilab,
------'Abd Manaf ibn Qusayy,
------Hashim ibn 'Abd Manaf.
------'Abdullah ibn 'Abdi'l-Mutallib.

---Chapter [3] : The Proofs of Prophethood in the Character of the Prophet,
------The splitting of his breast,
------The Messenger and the life of leisure in Makka for those worshipping idols.

---Chapter [4] : The Message : its causes & motives, goals and aims,
------The Universal Mission,
------The Banquet,
------The Likeness of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him,
------The Likeness of the Guidance and Knowledge that Allah sent him with,
------The Likeness of the Islamic Community,
------Motives and Aims,
------''We have only sent you as a Mercy for all the Worlds''
------''I am nothing but a Mercy that has been bestowed upon the World''
------He teaches them the Book and Wisdom and purifies them,
------What is the status of Knowledge within Islam?
------''I am pleased with Islam as a deen for you''

---Chapter [5] : The Pledge of Allegiance,
------The first part of the pledge of Allegiance,
------''Guide us to the Straight Path''
------A Summary of the Meaning of Tawhid,
------The Messenger, peace & blessings be upon him, and Tawhid,
------Tawhid and moral courage.

---Chapter [6] : The Hijra,
------A different view of the Hijra,
------9 Passages,
------Account of the Hijra of Abu Salama & his wife and what they encountered,
------The First of the Emigrants to arrive in Madinah,
------The Hijra of the Messenger of Allah and those things that led up to it,
------Abu Jahl hits Asma' bint Abi Bakr,
------Abu Bakr speaks about the Hijra,
------The Messenger of Allah's departure from the Cave,
------The Arrival in Quba,
------The Arrival in Madinah,
---------His Arrival,
---------Where the Prophet's camel stopped,
---------Joy at this Arrival,
---------The Lights of Madinah,
---------His Reception by the Ansar,
------The First Khutbah (sermon),
------The Second Khutbah (sermon),

---Chapter [7] : The Miracles,
------The Qur'an : The Greatest Miracle,
------The Miraculous Nature of the Qur'an,
------The Miraculous Nature of the Qur'an is multi-faceted,
------The First account,
------The Second account,
------The view of 'utba,
------The Qur'an and Tufayl ibn 'Amr,
------Al-Kindi on the Miraculous nature of the Qur'an.

---Chapter [8] : Other Miracles,
------Allah's Protection of His Prophet, peace & blessings be upon him,
------The Prophet's Supplications being Answered,
------Informing about the Unseen, Ilm al-Ghayb,
------Healing the Sick,
------Multiplying the quantities of water,
------Baraka (increase the blessings) with regards to food,
------The pining of the tree-trunk,
------''I see you from behind my cack.''

---Chapter [9] : Indications of Prophethood in the Miracle of the Night Journey,
------The Path of Life described in Traditions dealing with the Night Journey,
------The Beginning of the Path of Life: Repentance,
------The End of the Path of Life,
------Stages on the Journey,
----------1. Jihad,
----------The Lives of the Prophets and Martyrs after Death,
----------2. The Prayer,
----------3. Zakat,
----------4. Sadaqa (Charity),
----------5. Riba (Usury),
----------6. Firmness of Belief ('aqida),
----------7. Symbolic references specific to the tongue,
----------8. Sins of the limbs,
----------9. Arrival at Jerusalem,
---------10. By the Lote Tree of the Furthest Limit beside which is the Garden of Refuge,
---------11. When that which covers the Lote Tree covers it,
---------12. Witnessing.

---Chapter [10] : Methods of Proving Prophethood,
------Imam al-Ghazali and the Proof of Prophethood,
------Ibn Khaldun and the Proof of Prophethood,
------Khadija becomes Muslim,
------Waraqa ibn Nawfal,
------'Read' and Sincerity,
------Abu Bakr,
------Abu Dharr al-Ghifari,
------The Story of Dimad,
------The Negus,
------The dialogue between the Negus and the Emigrants,
------'Umar ibn al-Khattab,
------About 'Umar,
------'Umar possessed great foresight and intuitive knowledge of human nature,
------'Abdullah ibn Salam,
------Zayd ibn Sana and the Signs of Prophethood,
------Salman al-Farsi.

---Chapter [11] : Situations and Events,
------Making the Call Public,
------The Call continues,
------The Messenger at Ta'if,
------The Most Courageous of people,
------Fatima, may Allah be pleased with her,
------The Digging of the Trench,
------Allah the Protector,
------Ibn Maz'un prefers the protection of Allah,
------Abu Bakr and Ibn ad-Dughunna,
------The First Companion to recite the Qur'an aloud,
------'Amr ibn 'Abasa becomes Muslim,
------Khalid ibn Sa'id becomes Muslim,
------Hamza ibn 'Abdi'l-Mutallib,
------The Hijra of Suhayb,
------The Hijra of 'Umar, and the story of 'Ayyash with him,
------Al-Walid ibn al-Walid, 'Ayyash and Hisham,
------The Family of Yasir,
------An-Nadr ibn al-Harith,
------People listen to the Qur'an in secret,
------Allah will perfect His Deen,
------The Hijra of Mus'ab ibn 'Umayr,
------How Sa'd ibn Mu'adh and Usayd ibn Hudayr embraced Islam,
------'Amr ibn al-'As becomes Muslim,
------One of the sages of the Arabs, Aktham ibn Sayfi.

---Chapter [12] : The Positions of some Western Scholars,
------Bernard Shaw honours the Prophet of Islam,
------Abu'l-Hasan 'Ali mentions Jean's opinion and comments on it,
------Muhammad 'Abduh on Tolstoy,
------Other Views.

---Chapter [13] : Muhammad: A Man and a Messenger,
------Muhammad the Human Messenger,
------Some of his Attributes,
------He was not shameless or indecent,
------From Abu Hurayra's description of him,
------His Smile,
------Merciful to Children,
------He was not immoral,
------Anas describes the Messenger,
------''I have been sent as a Caller and a Mercy''
------From Aisha's description of him,
------He takes the side of truth,
------His action was constant,
------The adab of the Qur'an,
------The Most Generous of People,
------His Bravery,
------The Essential Nature of the Character of the Messenger of Allah,
------The Position of the Companions with regard to the Messenger of Allah, salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam,
------The Features and Particularities of this Civilisation,
------The behaviour of young men,
------They used to seek baraka by carrying some of the Prophet's relics,
------Intense Love for things used by the Prophet, salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam,
------They bring their vessels to him,
------Unrivalled texts,
----------When going to bed,
----------Prophet and Worshipper,
----------Du'a (Supplication),
----------Supplication During the Prayer,
----------Upon breaking One's Fast,
----------At time of Sorrow and Calimity,
----------Fear of People,
----------Paying off debts,
----------When leaving home,
----------Upon sleeping and waking up,
----------When Eating,
----------When putting on new clothes,
----------Upon sighting the New Moon,
----------When an assembly comes to an end & the attendants go their separate ways,
------Extract from al-Risala al-Muhammadiyya,
------Prophet and Mujahid,
------Events in and around the Battle of Badr,
----------The Vision 'Atika,
----------''Messenger of Allah, go where you wish''
------Situations and Events,
----------The Angels washed him,
----------I Smell the Scent of Paradise,
----------All might belongs to Allah and His Messenger,
----------Prophet over Father,
----------The Pardon from the All-Powerful,
----------''O Allah, inform your Prophet about us''

---Chapter [14] : Conclusion,
------Directives from the Qur'an,
------The Prophet is a Blessing to the Believers,
------The Prophet was a Mercy,
------''Do not summon the Messenger as you summon others''
------The Worth and Rank of the Prophet,
------Love for the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him & grant him peace,
------The Relation of the Believers to the Prophet,
------The Messenger of Allah is the Best Model,
------The Rank of the Messenger of Allah, salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam.


Also see Sirah of the Prophet, ﷺ,
Also see Shama'il works.

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