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Reality of the Film : Arabic
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Dawat e Islami English

Bloodshed in Karbala
Bloodshed in Karbala
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  • Authored by: Mawlana Ilyas Attar al-Qadiri

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Details:  Bloodshed in Karbala, English,
Booklet - 36 pages,
by Mawlana Ilyas Attar al-Qadiri.
Published by Dawate Islami


Extremely useful book containing many Madani Pearls especially for our Islamic sisters - using the parables of the tragic events of Karbala.

Table of Contents

---Du’a for Reading the Book,
---Transliteration Chart.

Bloodshed in Karbala

---Excellence of 'Salaat-‘Alan-Nabi,'
---Bloodshed in Karbala,
---Alas! Baby ‘Ali Aghar,
---The departure of Imam Hussain, Radi Allahu ta'ala anhu,
---The plundered caravan of Karbala,
---Death is inevitable,
---The blessing of Madani environment,
---The treasure of virtuous deeds,
---Madani pearls about giving Dars (talk) from 'Faizan-e-Sunnat,'
---Method of delivering Dars,
---Du’a of ‘Attar,
---Delivering Bayan is Haram (impermissible) for those who are not Islamic scholars,
---The definition of Islamic scholar,
---The alternative of delivering Bayan for non-scholar's,
---Important instructions for Muballighin (preachers),
---Can women listen to the lecture [bayan] of a Muballigh (male preacher) via video?
---Should woman see the video of a Na’at reciter,
---Eight Madani pearls about menses and Nifas (post-natal bleeding),
---Important Madani pearls about pardah (veil),

Eight Madani activities (for Islamic sisters),
---1. Individual effort,
---2. Home-Dars,
---3. Cassette-Bayan,
---4. Madrassah-tul-Madinah (for adult Islamic sisters),
---5. Weekly Sunnah-inspiring Ijtima
---The target of the Islamic sisters attending the Ijtima’
---6. Area visit for calling towards righteousness,
---7. Weekly training session,
---8. Madani In’amat,

---Emphatic instruction
---Twenty-five specialities of ‘Ashurah.

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