Lore of Light : 3 Volumes

 Lore of Light : Stories from the Lives of the Prophets,
[A5] Paperback - Total 811 pages | 3 Volume Set,
By Hajjah Amina Hatun,
Translated by Radhia Shukrullah,
Published by A.S.Noordeen, Kuala Lumpar.

     *** Vol [I]   - 294 pgs, Prophet's Adam to Ayyub, peace be upon them,
     *** Vol [II]  - 269 pgs, Dhu'l Kifl to Suleiman, peace be upon them,
     *** Vol [III] - 248 pgs, Eliyas to Isa, peace be upon them.


Description :

Twenty eight of the 124,000 Prophets who have appeared on earth since the beginning of time are mentioned by name in the Noble Qur'an. Their lives and deeds have served as a source of inspiration to all following generations of humankind, and have been retold and rewritten countless times.

The stories presented in this book series are translated from older texts within the Islamic tradition, from Arabic and Turkish sources. It is hoped that some of their perennial freshness is successfully transmitted, reminding the reader of the undying source of all revelation.

This series covers Prophet Adam, alayhi as-salaam, to Prophet Isa, alayhi as-salaam. It is compiled from Traditional Sources; Taqrikh al-Tabari, Tafsir al-Qadi and many others. Authorised with the permission of Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani, rahimullah.

Table of Contents : Volume [I],:

---The Creation of the Universe

---[1]. The Creation of Adam, alayhis salam,
---[2]. Adams' fall from Paradise,
---[3]. The Repentance of Adam, alayhis salam,
---[4]. Adams Life on Earth,
---[5]. Cain and Abel,
---[6]. Death of Adam, alayhis salam,
---[7]. Seth, alayhis salam,
---[8]. Idris, alayhis salam, (Enoch),
---[9]. Lamaq and the King Zahaq,
---[10]. Nuh, alayhis salam, (Noah),
---[11]. Hood, alayhis salam,
---[12]. Salih, alayhis salam,
---[13]. Birth of Ibrahim, alayhis salam, & his childhood,
---[14]. Ibrahim, alayhis salam, and Nimrod,
---[15]. Ibrahim and Sarah, alayhim' asalam,
---[16]. The end of Nimrod,
---[17]. Ibrahim and Hajar, alayhim' asalam,
---[18]. Ibrahim and Ismail, alayhim' asalam,
---[19]. The Birth of Ishaq, alayhis salam,
---[20]. The Building of the Ka'aba,
---[21]. The hospitality of Ibrahim Khalil, alayhim' asalam,
---[22]. The death of Ibrahim, alayhis salam,
---[23]. Lot, alayhis salam,
---[24]. Ismail, alayhis salam,
---[25]. Ishaq, alayhis salam,
---[26]. Ishaq's Blessing,
---[27]. Ya'qub and Yusuf, alayhim' asalam,
---[28]. Yusuf and Zuleikha,
---[29]. Yusuf, alayhis salam, in prison,
---[30]. Ya'qub, alayhis salams' grief,
---[31]. Yusuf, alayhis salam, becomes King,
---[32]. Yusuf, alayhis salam, and his brothers,
---[33]. The death of Ya'qub, alayhis salam,
---[34]. Yusuf, alayhis salams' marriage and death,
---[35]. Ayyub, alayhis salam.

Table of Contents : Volume [II],:

---[1]. Dhu-l Kifl, (Bishr) alayhis salam,
---[2]. Shu'ayb, alayhis salam, (Jethro),
---[3]. Musa, alayhis salam,
----------Pharoah comes to Egypt, alayhis salam,
---[4]. The Birth of Musa, alayhis salam,
---[5]. Musa, alayhis salam,  Childhood and Youth,
---[6]. Musa, alayhis salam, in Madian,
---[7]. The Staff of Musa, alayhis salam,
---[8]. Musa, alayhis salam, sent to the Pharoah,
---[9]. The Exodus,
---[10]. Musa, alayhis salam, on the mountain of Tur,
-----------The Golden Calf,
---[11]. The Revelation of the Torah,
---[12]. The Story of Qarun,
---[13]. The Promised Land, 
---[14]. The Story of Musa and Khidr, alayhim' asalam,
---[15]. Musa's conversation with the Lord,
---[16]. The Story of the Cow,
---[17]. The death of Harun, alayhis salam,
---[18]. Musas' alayhis salam, end ,
---[19]. Yusha, alayhis salam,
---[20]. The Story of Zimri and Cozbi,
---[21]. The Story of Balam,
---[22]. The loss of the Ark,
---[23]. Samuel's, alayhis salam, Birth,
---[24]. Talut is chosen as King,
---[25]. Daud, alayhis salam, slays Jalut,
---[26]. Talut's envy of Daud, alayhis salam,
---[27]. Daud, alayhis salam, flees from Talut,
---[28]. Luqman, alayhis salam,
---[29]. Daud, alayhis salam, as Prophet and King,
---[30]. Daud, alayhis salams' conversation with the Lord,
---[31]. Daud, alayhis salams' death and his Successor,
---[32]. Suleiman, alayhis salam,
---[33]. Suleiman, alayhis salam, loses his ring,
---[34]. Building the temple at Jerusalem,
---[35]. Suleiman and Bilqis, alayhim' asalam,
-----------The Queen of Sheba,
---[36]. The Story of Bilqis,
---[37]. Suleimans' alayhis salam, Rule,
---[38]. Suleimans' alayhis salam, Justice,
---[39]. Suleiman, alayhis salam, and the flock of Birds,
---[40]. Suleiman, alayhis salam, and the Gift of the Ant,
---[41]. Suleimans' alayhis salam, Death,

Table of Contents : Volume [III] :

---[1]. The breaking of Suleiman's Kingdom,
---[2]. Eliyas, alayhis salam,
----------Ahab meets Eliyas,
---[3]. Ahab is tempted,
---[4]. Ahab meets Jezebel,
---[5]. The building of Baal's Temple,
---[6]. Queen Jezebel Rules,
---[7]. Eliyas, alayhis salams' departure,
---[8]. Jezebel's hopes are crushed,
---[9]. Famine,
---[10]. The Deeds of Obadiah,
---[11]. Eliyas, alayhis salam, in hiding,
---[12]. Eliyas, alayhis salam, ordered to Zarepta,
---[13]. The widow of Zarepta,
-----------Eliyas, alayhis salam, meeting her,
---[14]. Eliyas heals the widows son and departs, 
---[15]. Eliyas meets the King,
-----------End of the Famine,
---[16]. Jezebel's Wiles (deviousness),
---[17]. The invasion of Sargun, the Second,
---[18]. Eliya's' return to Zarepta,
-----------End of Ahad and Jezebel,
---[19]. Eliyas, alayhis salam, and Alyas'a, alayhis salam,
---[20]. Disappearance of Eliyas, alayhis salam,
-----------The Succession of Alyas'a, alayhis salam,
---[21]. Alyas'a, alayhis salam, (Elisha),
---[22]. The healing of Na'aman from Leprosy ,
---[23]. Alyas'a, alayhis salam, Victory,
---[24]. Yunus, alayhis salam, son of Alyas'a, alayhis salam,
---[25]. Yunus, alayhis salam, leaves Ninive and receives Allah's Call,
---[26]. Ninive delivered,
---[27]. Yunus, alayhis salam, retruns once more to Ninive,
---[28]. Old habits die hard,
-----------The Fall of Ninive,
-----------The End of Yunus, alayhis salam,
---[29]. Iskender (Sikandar) : Dhul Qarnain,
---[30]. Iskender's wisemen and advisors,
-----------Further travels and discussions with wisemen,
-----------King Kayd and the Sage Behram,
-----------The defeat of King Forhibal,
-----------Of other starnge and marvellous lands,
-----------The banning of Gog and Magog,
-----------The Search for the Water of Life,
-----------The End of Iskender,
---[31]. Sha'ya,
---[32]. Ermiya (Jeremiah),
-----------Daniel, (Danyaal) alayhis salam,
-----------Uzayr (Ezra), alayhis salam,
-----------The Babylon Exile,
-----------The Story of Harut and Marut,
---[33]. Zakariya, alayhis salam,
-----------The Birth of Yahya, alayhis salam, (John the Baptist),
-----------Yahya's austerity,
-----------The Conception of Isa, alayhis salam,
-----------The Birth of Isa, alayhis sala
-----------The Story of the Flight of Maryam and Isa, alayhim' asalam,
-----------How Zakariya, alayhis salam, was martyred,
-----------The Prophethood of Yahya, alayhis salam,
-----------The Story of Isa, alayhis salams' Prophethood,
-----------The Story of the Heavenly Table,
-----------The Sabbath Breakers,
-----------From the Manaqib of Isa, alayhis salam,
-----------The Story of the Envoys to Antakya and Habib un Najjar,
-----------Maryam's death,
-----------The Martydom of Yahya, alayhis salam.

The Story of Muhammad, The Final Prophet, salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam, is told by the author (Hajjah Amina) in its own best selling volume.



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More books on Other Prophets,
Also see Sirah of the Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ.



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NB : Minor surface scratches on covers.



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