Al-Awrad ul-Fathiyyah: English & Arabic

Al-Awrad ul-Fathiyyah
with Du'a ur-Riqab : English & Arabic,
Pocket Paperback - 123 pages,
Compiled by Shaykh Amir Kabir Sayyid Ali Hamdani,
Al-Hizb ul Akbar and As-Sayf ul Qati,
Attributed to Hadrat Imam Zayn al-Abideen,
English Translation by Muhammad Harun Riedinger.


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Description :

Al Awrad ul Fathiyyah and Du'a ar-Riqab are from the compilations of the sage of the divine sciences Shaykh Amir Sayyid Ali al-Hamdani – may Allah have mercy on him. He stated that he had visited 440 saints and served them in order to benefit from their attention, and finally made a collection of whatever he had acquired from those eminent personages.

Al Awrad al-Fathiyyah, Du'a ur-Riqab and Al-Hizb ul Akbar and As-Sayf ul Qati are two powerful prayer litanies for spiritual and general success, wellbeing and protection.

Table of Contents :

---Introduction to Al-Awrad ul Fathiyyah,
---Introduction to Du'a ur Riqab,

---Al-Awrad ul Fathiyyah,
---Du'a ur Riqab,

---Introduction to Al-Hizb ul Akbar,
---Introduction to As-Sayf ul Qati,

---Al-Hizb ul-Akbar,
---As Sayf ul Qati.

Synopsis : Al Awrad ul Fathiyyah is a highly effective prayer collection for spiritual and temporal objectives, and is certainly not lessor in rank and efficacy than other blessed prayer collections like the renowned :''Hizb-ul-Bahr” and :''Dala’il-ul-Khayrat.”

Mir Syed Ali bin Shahab-ud-Din Hamadani (1314-1384) was a Persian Sufi of the Kubrawi order, a poet and a prominent Muslim scholar. He was born on Monday, 12th Rajab 1314 (714 AH) in Hamadan and died in 786 AH/1384 in Kunar and was buried in Khatlan. He was very influential in spreading Islam in Kashmir and has had a major hand in shaping the culture of the Kashmir valley. He was also known as "Shah Hamadhan" ("King of Hamadhan", Iran) and as Amir-i Kabir ("the Great Commander"). He wrote several short works on spirituality and Sufism. He was hugely revered and influential upon poets like Allama Iqbal.





More Du'a and Waza'if,
More Awrad and Prayers,
More Panjsurah and Manzil,
More Du'a and Awrad (Urdu).



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