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Al-Awrad ul-Fathiyyah: English & Arabic
Al-Awrad ul-Fathiyyah: English & Arabic
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Details:  Al-Awrad ul-Fathiyyah with Du'a ur-Riqab : English & Arabic,
Pocket Paperback - 123 pages,
Compiled by Shaykh Amir Kabir Sayyid Ali Hamdani,
Al-Hizb ul Akbar and As-Sayf ul Qati,
Attributed to Hadrat Imam Zayn al-Abideen,
English Translation by Muhammad Harun Riedinger.

Description :

Al Awrad ul Fathiyyah and Du'a ar-Riqab are from the compilations of the sage of the divine sciences Shaykh Amir Sayyid Ali al-Hamdani – may Allah have mercy on him. He stated that he had visited 440 saints and served them in order to benefit from their attention, and finally made a collection of whatever he had acquired from those eminent personages.

Al Awrad al-Fathiyyah, Du'a ur-Riqab and Al-Hizb ul Akbar and As-Sayf ul Qati are two powerful prayer litanies for spiritual and general success, wellbeing and protection.

Table of Contents :

---Introduction to Al-Awrad ul Fathiyyah,
---Introduction to Du'a ur Riqab,

---Al-Awrad ul Fathiyyah,
---Du'a ur Riqab,

---Introduction to Al-Hizb ul Akbar,
---Introduction to As-Sayf ul Qati,

---Al-Hizb ul-Akbar,
---As Sayf ul Qati.

Synopsis : Al Awrad ul Fathiyyah is a highly effective prayer collection for spiritual and temporal objectives, and is certainly not lessor in rank and efficacy than other blessed prayer collections like the renowned :''Hizb-ul-Bahr” and :''Dala’il-ul-Khayrat.”

Mir Syed Ali bin Shahab-ud-Din Hamadani (Persian: میر سید علی شهاب‌الدین همدانی‎, 1314-1384) was a Persian Sūfī of the Kubrāwī order, a poet and a prominent Muslim scholar. He was born on Monday, 12th Rajab 1314 (714 AH) in Hamadan and died in 786 AH/1384 in Kunar and was buried in Khatlan. He was very influential in spreading Islam in Kashmir and has had a major hand in shaping the culture of the Kashmir valley. He was also known as "Shāh Hamadhān" ("King of Hamadhān", Iran) and as Amīr-i Kabīr ("the Great Commander"). He wrote several short works on spirituality and Sufism. He was hugely revered and influential upon poets like Allama Iqbal.

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