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Nobility of Sayyiduna Abu Darda
Nobility of Sayyiduna Abu Darda
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  • Authored by: Dawate Islami

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Details:  Nobility of Sayyiduna Abu Darda,
Booklet - 66 pages,
Published by Markazi Majlis-e-Shura, Dawate Islami 

Description :

Sayyiduna Abu Darda, may Allah be pleased with him, was one of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.

Abu Darda was a trader in Madina and belonged to the al-Harith clan of the Banu Khazraj tribe. He converted to Islam after the Battle of Badr and was declared the brother of Hadrat Salman al-Farsi, may Allah be pleased with him. He served as a Qadi (judge) in Shaam (Syria) during the caliph Hadrat Uthman ibn Affan's, may Allah be pleased with him, reign. He died in 32AH in Alexandria.

    ---Nobility of Sayyiduna Abu Darda رضی اللہ تعالٰی عنہ
    ---Dua for Reading the Book
    ---Translation Chart.

    Table of Contents :

    ---12 Intentions for Reading This Book.

    ---Charismatic Life of Sayyiduna Abu Darda,
    ---No god Except Allah,
    ---Allah s Promise,
    ---Sayyiduna Abu Darda and the Madani Environment of his Household,
    ---What is the Criterion for Spouse?
    ---Ascetic Character of Sayyidatuna Umm-e-Darda,
    ---A Marvel of Madani Environment,
    ---Fervour for Worship,
    ---Abstinence of Sayyiduna Abu Darda from Worldliness,
    ---Worldly Assets will be Burdensome for the Owner,
    ---Resentment of Sayyiduna Abu Darda Towards Worldly Goods,
    ---Dawat-e-Islami and Madani Zeal for Bringing Reforms,
    ---Sayyiduna Abu Darda & Zeal to Call towords Righteousness,
    ---Worldliness is Fatal,
    ---Worthlessness of the Legacy of the People of Aad,
    ---Taking Lesson from the Deserted Houses,
    ---Different Fates of Passers By on the Bridge of Sirat,
    ---Fearfulness of Sayyiduna Abu Darda as Regards to Afterlife,
    ---Excellence of Even Slightest Contemplation,
    ---Kash Kay Main Dunya Main Payda na Huwa Hauta,
    ---We are in Death Row,
    ---Three Desires of Sayyiduna Abu Darda,
    ---Sayyiduna Abu Darda s Criterion for Scholarly Man,
    ---Sayyiduna Abu Darda s Foundness for Knowledge,
    ---Sayyiduna Abu Darda and Call for Righteousness,
    ---Ten Madani Quotes of Sayyiduna Abu Darda,
    ---Sayyiduna Abu Darda and his Fervour for Calling Towards Righteousness,
    ---Captivated by Love of the Most Exalted Prophet,
    ---Two Epistles of Sayyiduna Abu Darda Comprising of Call towards Righteousness,
    ---Majlis for Maktubat & Tawizat-e-Attariyyah,
    ---Marvels of Sayyiduna Abu Darda,
    ---Supplication Referred to Sayyiduna Abu Darda.


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