Al-Murshid al-Mu'een : English & Arabic

Al-Murshid al-Mu'een, New,
English/Arabic, Second Edition,
*[A6] Slim Paperback - 107 pages,
by Abu Muhammad 'Abd al-Wahid ibn 'Ashir [d.1040h],
Translated by Dr. Asadullah Yate,
Published by Diwan Press.

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Description :

Al-Murshid al-Mu'een is a widely recognised primary text for learning Islam. In it the author, Abd al-Wahid ibn 'Ashir, may Allah be pleased with him, summarises in verse the three sciences of Islam, Iman and Ihsan: Maliki fiqh, Ash'ari 'aqida and Junaidi tasawwuf.

This is its first complete translation into English.

Imam Abu Muhammad Abd al-Wahid ibn 'Ashir : The mujahid, Abu Muhammad, 'Abd al-Wahid ibn 'Ali ibn 'Ashir, may Allah have mercy upon him, of the Ansari line, was originally from Andalusia and brought up in Fez which he made his home. He is most famous for the poem entitled al-Murshid al-mu'in 'ala daruri min'ulum ad-deen. He died in the month of Dhu'l Hijja 1040 AH.

Dr. Asadullah Yate is also the translator of Shaykh Ahmad bin al-Bashir al-Qalawi ash-Shinqiti's (1216 AH/1802 CE- 1276 AH/1853 CE) Mufid al-'Ibad, a very full commentary on al-Murshid al-Mu'een, which is published by Diwan Press in English as "Islam in the School of Madina".



Table of Contents :

Al-Murshid al-Mu'een : The Concise Guide to the Basics of the Deen - Muhammad Abd al-Wahid ibn 'Ashir,

---Introduction to the Book of 'Aqida,
------which is an aid to acts of Obedience and Attaining the Desired Goal,
---The Book of Basic Principles Regarding 'Aqida,

---Section on the Pillars of Islam,

From the Roots :
---[1]. Whose Branches are an Aid to Arrival,

---[2]. The Book of Purification :
------The Obligations of Wudu'
------The Sunan of Wudu'
------That which breaks Wudu'
------Section : Concerning Ghusl,
------Obligations of Ghusl,
------Section : Regarding Tayammum,
------Obligations of Tayammum,
------Sunnahs of Tayammum.

---[3]. The Book of Salat :
------Obligations of the Salat,
------Sunnas of Salat,
------The Adhan,
------Recommended Acts of the Salat,
------Makruh Acts in the Salat,
------Fard 'Ayn and Fard Kifaya Salats,
------Qada' of Fajr and Subh,
------Prostrations for Forgetfulness,
------Laws Governing the Jumu'a,
---------Conditions for the Imam.

---[4]. The Book of Zakat,
------Zakat of Livestock,
------Zakat al-Fitr,

---[5]. The Book of Fasting,

---[6 ]. The Book of Hajj,

---[7]. Visiting Our Chief and Master ;
Muhammad Ibn 'Abdallah, The Messenger of Allah, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,

---[8 ]. The Principles of Tasawwuf,
------The Guides to Realisation,




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