Bidayat as-Sul Fi Tafdil ar-Rasul : Eng

Bidayat as-Sul Fi Tafdil ar-Rasul -
The Beginning Of The Quest
Of The High Esteem Of
The Messenger,
Allah bless him & give him peace.
*[A5] Paperback - 52 pages,
by  'Izz ibn 'Abd al-Salam, 
Translated by: Aisha Bewley,
Published by Turath.

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Description :

Bidayat as-sul fi Tafdil ar-Rasul (The Beginning of the Quest for the High Esteem of the Messenger) is a concise work summarising succinctly forty distinctive virtues and characteristics of the Messenger of Allâh, Allah bless him and give him peace

                   '' My eyes have not seen anything more beautiful than him,
                                 No woman has borne such perfection,
                              You were created free from all deficiences,
                           It is as though you were created as you wished
                                                                                 ---Hassan ibn Thabit.

The Author

Imam 'Izz ibn 'Abd al-Salam, may Allah be pleased with him, nicknamed the Sultan of Scholars, produced a number of brilliant works in Shafi'i jurisprudence, Qur’anic exegesis, methodological fundamentals of Sacred Law, formal legal opinion, government, and Sufism, and a masterpiece on Islamic legal principles, Qawa'id al-ahkam fi masalih al-anam [The Bases of Legal Rulings in the Interests of Mankind].

Beautiful Arabic Edition also available.

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  • Written by: Imam Izz ibn Abd al-Salam

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