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The Beliefs of the Deobandi Scholars: Bi-lingual
The Beliefs of the Deobandi Scholars: Bi-lingual
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  • Authored by: Hafiz-e-Millat Shah Abd al-Aziz

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Details:  The Beliefs of the Deobandi Scholars: Bi-lingual,
*Slim Paperback - 61 pages,
by Shaykh 'Abd al-Aziz al-Muradabadi.
Translated by Sheikh Rashid Ghani.

Description : Extracts from the Introduction :

'' The examination for anyone who claims to love and respect the Holy Prophet, ﷺ, is that he disconnects himself from anyone who has insulted him,  ﷺ,  and to despise and hate him; regardless of whether that person is his mother, father child, a big scholar, pir (shaykh) or teacher, because once these people disrespect the Holy Prophet, ﷺ, they leave the fold of Islam.

If you really loved and understood the lofty status of our Beloved Prophet, ﷺ, then you wouldnt respect and admire people who insult him.

O' Muslims! It is your duty to sacrifice your life for the honour & status of your Master the Beloved Prophet of Allah, ﷺ, and for you to believe it is your obligation to surrender your wealth & honour in love for him.

''To love those who love him & to hate his enemies is compulsory.''

Just think! If someone insults your father but you aren't bothered then you aren't exactly acting like a son are you ? Similarly if someone insults your Prophet, ﷺ, but you remain silent and don't resent that blasphemer then you aren't exactly an ummati are you ? In fact you only verbally claim to love your Prophet, ﷺ, but this verbal claim is unacceptable.

In this book I have mentioned some insulting comments made by deobandi scholars, all Muslims should read these calmly and make a fair judgement about how Muslims should behave with these blasphemers.'' ---Abd al-Aziz, Madrassah Ashrafiyyah, Misbahul Ulum, Mubarakpur, Azamgarh. U.P.

Also see Preamble to Faith ; Tamhid e Imaan, Recommended!
Other books refuting Sects.

Bi-lingual book.
---English - 30 pages (approx),
---Urdu - 30 pages (approx). ''Aqida Ulema-e-Deoband''!

*Off-mint condition, sub-continent print quality!

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