Ancient Prophets of Arabia

Ancient Prophets of Arabia, Full Colour,
*Large Portrait Hardback - 234 pages,
compiled by Dr Mostafa al-Badawi,
IV Islamic Village Publishing.


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Description :

In this day and age, it is necessary to reiterate that the most essential achievement of a human being is to learn to discriminate between the Absolute and the relative and to always prefer the Absolute. In doing so, one arrives at His proximity in Paradise. Every other earthly endeavour should be subservient to that ultimate purpose. Since the Absolute is the eternal ocean of infinite beauty and compassion, the challenge is one of detaching oneself inwardly from the relative, the imperfect and evanescent and attaching oneself to the beauty and perfection of the One Diety, God, until such time as one becomes completely enveloped in divine mercy.

This book is about the Divine Envoys that were chosen by the Absolute to manifest His compassion and justice among the people of the Arabian Peninsula, save the last one who was sent to the whole of humanity. There are innumerable lessons to be learned from their lives and teachings. This is why they were recounted in the Qur’an:

              ''We recount to you the best of narratives.'' [al-Qur'an 12 : 3]

              '' In their stories is a lesson for men of understanding. These
                are no invented tales, but a confirmation of previous Scripture,
                a detailed explanation of all things, a guidance and a mercy to
                those people who believe. ''
[al-Qur'an 12 : 111]

Every reading of their stories gives new spiritual insights, especially into the psychological attitudes and motives that lead some men to accept the message and become men of God and others to deny the Absolute, reject its mercy and become fuel for the fire of Hell. The Qur’an says,

                '' So narrate to them the stories, perhaps they will reflect. ''
                                                                                 [al-Qur'an 7 : 176]

Table of Contents :

---Publishers Foreword,
---Divine Envoys,
---Chronological Considerations.

---[1]. The Deluge – Ibrahim,

---[2]. Hud,
---The story of Hud and his people,
---The Delegate of '?d,
---The Tomb of Prophet Hud,

---[3]. Salih,
---The Story of Salih and his People,
---Mad?’in ??li?.

---[4]. Shu'ayb,
---The Story of Shu'ayb and his People.

---[5]. Isma'il,
---Ismail Prophet of God,
---Hajar the Egyptian,
---Return to Palestine,
---Ismail : Divine Envoy, Archer, and Horseman,
---The Journey to Makka,
---The Sacrifice,
---Ismail or Ishaq,
---Erecting the House of God,
---Institution of the Rites of the Pilgrimage (Hajj),
---Ibrahim's Prayer in his Old Age.

---[6]. Pre Islamic Arabia,
---The Ancient Civilisations of Arabia,
---Saba’ and the Kingdoms of the South,
---The Great Dam,
---Religion in Arabia,
---The Christians of Najran,
---Languages of Ancient Arabia,
---Emergence of the Arabic Language,
---The Arabic Alphabet,
---The Domestication of the Camel,
---The Incense Trade,
---The Incense Road,
---The Trail of the Prophets (Darb al-Anbiya’).

---[7]. Makka : The Sanctuary and the House,
---The House of God,
---The Black Stone,
---Religious deterioration,
---The Well of Zamzam,
---The Secret of the Ka'ba,
---Rebuilding the Ka'ba,
---The Year of the Elephant,
---The Conquest of Makka.

---[8]. Those who Knew,
---The seekers of Truth,
---The Jews’ Persecution and Slandering of the Prophets,
---The Current State of the Bible,
---The Bible and the Arabian Prophet,
---Description of the Prophet in the Tawrah,
---Muhammad in the New Testament,
---The Jews of Arabia,
---Ibn al-Hayyaba,
---The Jew of Bani 'Abd al-Ash’hal,
---Ibn Sal?m,
---Zayd ibn Su'na,
---The Testimony of Safiyya,
---The Siege of Ban? Qurayza,
---Other Jews in Madina,
---The Christians,
---Salman al-Farisi,
---The Christian Delegation from Najran,
---Nastur (Nestorius),
---Another Monk in Busra,
---The Greek Chamberlain,
---The Negus of Abyssinia,

---[9]. Muhammad, may Allah bless him & grant him Peace,
---The Early Years,
---Quraysh’s Opposition to the Mission,
---Merits of Quraysh and the Arabs,
---The Lord of all Prophets,
---Description of the Prophet,
---Miraculous Occurences in the life of the Prophet,
---Character and Daily Life of the Prophet,
---The Companions.


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*Dimensions : 23.4 x 20cm.


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