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Al-Mirqat : Arabic
Al-Mirqat : Arabic
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Majmua Wazaif : Gold Edition
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Tajwid Qur'an with English [S]
Tajwid Qur'an with English [S]
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Fiqh & Law

Fatawa Kanzul Iman: Vol 1 (Eng/Urdu)
Fatawa Kanzul Iman: Vol 1 (Eng/Urdu)
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  • Authored by: Mufti Shams-ul-Huda Misbahi

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Details:  Fatawa Kanzul Iman : Volume 1 (English / Urdu),
Hardback - Total 720 pages,
English - 368 pages | Urdu - 352 pages,
by Mufti Shams al-Huda al-Razavi al-Misbahi.
Translated into English by: Mawlana Rashid Madani al-Attari.

Description :

This is a bi-lingual book for English and Urdu readers.

Extract from the Introduction : '' It is true that in earlier times, to be a Mufti (Islamic jurist) one had to be a mujtahid also, but in our times, the narrator (naaqil) of the opinions of the great Imams (Aqwaal-e-Madhhab) is a Mufti.

In this day and age, a true Mufti is extremely valuable, but the problem we are faced with today is that without proper training or authority, the average Imam, Masjid or Madrassah teacher also acts like a Mufti.  Undeserving, and unauthorised people, who do not have the capacity or capability to perform the duty of a jurist have decided to issue religious verdicts (fataawa). The situation today is so dire, that these so-called Mufti's are so bold and daring that they do not even hesitate to delve into serious matters such as the Mas'alah-e-Takfir. A blessed hadith states:

''Whoever gives a Fatawa without knowledge, the Angels of the heavens and earth curse him''!

This book is the first from Mufti Shams-ul-Huda sahib's written fatawa, and has signatures and stamps of confirmation and support by leading Sunni scholars of the sub-continent, this is proof of Mufti sahib's efforts and the authenticity of his research.'' ---Mufti Aal-e-Mustafa al-Misbahi, Darul Ifta, Jamia Amjadiyyah, Razawiyyah, Ghosi, U.P.

The majority of the questions posed in this book are from brothers/sisters in the UK and are therefore related in some ways to the issues present in the UK and elsewhere today. Also included are replies to 18 degree Isha & Fajr Salaah timings.

Table of Contents :


---Book of Faith,
---Book of Purity,
---Book of Adhaan,
---Book of Salaah,
---Book of Zakaah,
---Book of Charity,
---Book of I'tikaaf,
---Book of Hajj,
---Book of Marriage,
---Book of Divorce,
---Book of 'Iddat,
---Book of Oaths,
---Book of Capital Punishment,
---Book of Hiring,
---Book of Biographies,
---Book of Endownments (Waqf),
---Book of Slaughtering,
---Book of Permissions & Prohibitions,
---Book of Inheritance,

English Section - 368 pages,
Urdu Section - 352 pages.

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