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Reverence unto His Feet
Reverence unto His Feet
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  • Authored by: Sayyad Sabih Rehmani

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Details:  Reverence unto His Feet, English/Urdu.
Hardback - 145 pages,
by Sayyad Sabih Rehmani.
Translated by Sarah Kazmi.
Published in conjunction with the Naat Research Centre.

Description :

Review: Translation is always a difficult thing, mainly because it cannot render the beauty of the original in an exactly similar expression.

Far more difficult is translating poetry, especially of the devotional kind, where the worshippers pour their heart out singing `in full-throated ease`, because the passion and the ecstasy of the original is impossible to render into another language with the same force. With that caveat, Reverence Unto His Feet is a commendable attempt by Sarah Kazmi to translate the collection of Sabih Rahmani`s devotional work.

Within its beautifully ornamented hard cover, the book, originally titled Sarkar Ke Qadmon Mein, presents an anthology of poems in praise of the Holy Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, naats, and a few hamds to glorify God, mostly in rhymed verse.

There are also some poems in blank verse, concluding with some more in beautiful three-lined haiku. In the preface Kazmi offers a fascinating discourse on naat poetry and adds an English composition of her own in which she adoringly describes the Prophet`s, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, `blessed visage`.

Poetry of the sacred kind is a genre where poetic frenzy is at its height. In this case, the translator has added her own feelings through complex construction and forceful epithets for added impact. But simple words percolate into the deepest recesses of the heart, while at the same time soothing the senses. For example, the opening lines of the first naat are a request from a servant to his master, for some arrangement whereby he could present himself before the latter `Huzoor aisa koi intezam ho jaey/ Salam kar ne ko hazir ghulam ho jaey.` The simple language conjures the picture of a worshipper in some distant land, longing to present himself before his lord, beseeching him perhaps with quivering lips and tearful eyes for the favour.---Reveiw by S.G. Jilanee.

Contains English Translation as well as urdu language text.

High Quality print and translation. Recommended as Gift Book Idea!

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