Dhikr in a Raised Voice

 Dhikr in a Raised Voice,
[A5] Paperback Booklet  - 63 pages,
by Mawlana 'Abd al-Hayy Lakhnavi,
Foreword by Mufti Muhammad Khan Qadiri,
Translated into English by Muhammad Sajid Younas.

Description :

Extract from the Foreward : 'With the Dhikr of Allah Almighty there is tranquility for the hearts.' --- How fortunate and wonderful are those people of knowledge and piety (Ahl al-Ilm and Suffa) who are not only acquainted with the fragrance of this garden but endeavour for others to also vecome fragrant.

When ''some people'' in the Indian subcontinent began issuing fatwas against Dhikr Jahr and other practices of the predecessors Allama 'Abd al-Hayy Lakhnavi took note and wrote two books in Arabic; one on the permissibility of Dhikr Jahr and the other entitled 'Akhtaar (Abundance) in Ibaadah is not bidah.'

Due to the efforts of Shaykh Abdul Fattah Abu Gudda these books were republished in Damascus. ----Mufti Muhammad Khan Qadri.

Translators Introduction :

This book is a translation of only two sections of the original arabic text. These two sections were selected after taking account the needs and aptitude of those who seek knowledge and truth solely through the English medium. It is hoped that these will suffice in consoling and reaffirming pious hearts that Dhikr Jahr is a permissible and authentic act.

The other sections of the original work are of a scholastic nature and would only be relevant and of interest to those who would implicitly possess a good command of scholastic arabic, thus rendering an English translation redundant.

Contents :

---Section [1] is a collection of 48 narrations related to the practice of raised Dhikr and it's gatherings.

---Section [2] is a detailed response to some of the objections voiced against raised Dhikr.

Finally there is a brief summary and conclusion of the issues relating to Dhikr.

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