Cures from Darood Shareef : NEW

 Cures from Durood Shareef :
''A Beautiful presentation of Darood Shareef,
 taken from propitious compilations''

Pocket Book - 80 pages, Back in Stock Feb 2018,
Full Colour with English transliteration,
Published by Isalamic Book Service, Delhi.

''As-Salaatu was Salaamu 'alayka Ya Rasullullah''

Description :

The recitation of any Darood or Salawat should be done with the utmost belief and sincerity, and only then will cures (shifa) for ailments and concerns will become fruitful. One should not get impatient as Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, grant cures and shifaa in the time to come.

For best results, recite the Darood after Fajr Salah with raise hands like during du'a and gently rub the hands on your face attoning Allah Almighty's grandeur.

Layout format :

   *** Darood Shareef in Arabic, followed by ...
   *** English Transliteration, followed by ...
   *** English Translation, followed by ...
   *** Instructions and Benefit of Recitation.

Contents :

---Ziyarat of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ,
---A suitable match (marriage) for a Boy or Girl,
---For confidence and Peace of Mind,
---For Relief from Debt,
---For Improving Eyesight,
---For Incurable Diseases,
---For Freedom from Debt,
---For repelling evil spirits, snakes and other creatures,
---For Success, Dignity and Honour of Sons & Daughters,
---For Safety against Theft and Robbery,
---For Business promotion and Wealth,
---For Relief from cruel husband, and security against poverty,
---For popularity and winning over others,
---For Relief from unjust law-suit,
---For cure from nervousness, depression and blood pressure,
---For preservation of crops, harvest and farms,
---For salvage of problems, prevention of accidents,
---Resolve problems, and fulfill needs,
---For Safety during voyage, for success in religious and worldy ventures,
---For Love between Husband and Wife,
---For achieving a personally owned residence,
---For Success in Exams,
---For Halal employment,
---For desired matrimonial match,
---For the prayers of absolution (forgiveness).

More Durood & Salawat.

*Dimensions : 11.5 x 8.9cm.

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