Aisha : Wife, Companion & Scholar

Aisha :
The Wife, the Companion, the Scholar,
[A5+] Paperback - 232 pages,
by Dr. Resit Haylamaz,
by Tughra Books, Turkey.
Part of the ''Leading Companions of the Prophet Series''


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Description :

This book portrays one of the most significant personalities in the history of Islam. Taking the misunderstandings and defamation about her into consideration, Aisha, Radi Allahu ta'ala anha, needs to be understood correctly.

This study by Dr Resit Haylamaz, an expert on the life of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and his leading Companions, reflects her life in various aspects based on reliable reports.

The book clarifies her critical role at establishing the Islamic teaching, with particular reference to her role in the transmission of private matters concerning women and marital relations, as well as recording the authentic sayings of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. As her sensitivity at practicing religion is related in a rich variety of examples, much disputed issues like her marriage age and her stance about Ali ibn Abi Talib, Radi Allahu ta'ala anhu, are covered as separate topics.

Table of Contents :


Chapter [1] Makkah Years & the Migration.

---Mecca Memoirs,
---The Marriage Offer,
---First Stop,
---Second Address,
---The Advice Given to Umm Ruman,
---The Holy Migration,
---The Medina Pestilence.

Chapter [2] A Home full of Peace and Virtue.

---The Marriage,
---Her Fathers Attitude after the Wedding,
---The Physical Conditions of Aisha's House,
---Enduring Austerity,
---Women's representative,
---He Love for the Messenger of God, ?,
---The Prophet's, ?, Love,
---The Real Reason for this Love,
---Aisha Inside the Home,
---Request for a new name,
---Her Worship,
---Her Asceticism and Humility,
---Her Generosity,
---Her Attention to Hijab,
---Guiding others and Conveying the Message,
---Aisha's Attendance to Military Campaigns,
---Performing Ablution to Sand or Earth.

Chapter [3] Aisha : The Immaculate.

---The Slander,
---The Sickness of Aisha,
---The Companions Reaction and Belief,
---The Good News,
---The Wives of God's Messenger, ?, and Aisha :
------Other Wives of God's Messenger,
------Aisha's Status,
---The Prohibition (Tahrim),
---Aisha and Fatima,
---The Last Day's with the Messenger of God, ?.

Chapter [4] After the Prophet, ?,

---The Era of the Four Rightly Guided Caliphs and Muawiya,
---The Caliphate of Abu Bakr,
---The Caliphate of Umar,
---The Caliphate of Uthman,
---The Caliphate of Ali,
---Muslims' Test with their Brothers: The Battle of the Camel,
---The Caliphate of Muawiya.

Chapter [5] Aisha and Knowledge,

---Aisha was the Source of Knowledge for Everyone,
---Aisha and Transmission of Knowledge,
---Interpretation (tafsir),
---Fiqh : Muslim Canonical Jurisprudence,
---Islamic Theology (Kalam),
---Aisha's Literary Skills,
---Poetry and Oratory.
---Her Students,
------Urwa ibn Zubayr,
------Qasim ibn Muhammad,
------Amra bint Abdurrahman,
------Muaza al-Adawiyah.

---At what age did Aisha marry the Prophet, ?,?
---Ali and Aisha.







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