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Ark of Salvation : New
Ark of Salvation : New
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Loving RasulAllah, ﷺ,
Loving RasulAllah, ﷺ,
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Turkish Delight : 200g
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Connecting to the Qur'an : New
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Hadith & Sunnah

The Way of Muhammad
The Way of Muhammad
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  • Authored by: Sh. Abdul Qadir as-Sufi

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Details:   The Way of Muhammad,
[A5] Paperback - 284 pages,
by Shaykh Abd 'al-Qadir as-Sufi,
Published by Madinah Press.

''This book is dedicated to the Masters of the Habibiyya-Shadilliyya-Tariqa''

Preface :

It was with a certain reluctance that I agreed to a new edition of this early work of mine, and this only after some minor editing to remove errors which I can now perceive. The original intention of the work was to show that it was possible to grasp the meaning of Islam in terms of the European existential tradition. Indeed, it is of course the culmination of it. Ironically, the effect of the book was not in the main to open Europeans to Islam, but to restore to those who had gone out of the Deen, especially Arabs, a sense of respect and discovery in relation to Islam.

The book is simply a meditation of the five pillars of Islam as viewed by someone who has taken them on and is savouring their meanings. However, now with a lifetime of Islam to contemplate I would want to express the whole matter differently without denying the basic personal truths I tried to indicate in this text. Today the enemies of Islam all explain that the danger of it is that it is not merely a metaphysical construct but is something that affects the whole of life. Yet, after a quarter of millennium of western occupation of Muslim lands, first in colonialism and then by the ethos of technology it can be shown that, tragically, we have abandoned Deen in its totality. The response of the free-acting people of this age will be to obey the order of Allah, glory be to him, in Qur'an: "Enter Islam in its totality." (Qur'an 2.206). It can also be translated: "Enter Islam all together."--- (Preface) by Shaykh Abd 'al-Qadir as-Sufi.

Table of Contents :


---The Science of the Self,
---The Science of the Sunna,
---The Science of States,
---The Science of Qur'an,
---The Science of Bewilderment,
---The Science of the Moment.

The translations of 'Ibn 'Arabi and Moulay al'Arabi ad-Darqawi al-Shadhili are used throughout are by Aisha Abdarrahman at-Tarjumana Bewley.

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