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Al-Mahdi and the End of Time
Al-Mahdi and the End of Time
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Details:  Al-Mahdi and the End of Time,
*[A5] Paperback - 76 pages,
by Muhammad ibn 'Izzat 'Arif.
Translated by Aisha Bewley,
Edited by Abdalhaqq Bewley.

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Description :

Abu Sa'id al-Khudri, may Allah be pleased with him, reported that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said,

           "The Mahdi will be of my stock and will have a broad forehead
            and a hooked nose. He will fill the earth with equity and justice
            as it was previously filled with oppression and tyranny, and he
            will rule for seven years." ---(Abu Dawud)

Part of Allah's justice and wisdom is that near the end of time He will send a man to restore justice in the earth and to confront the Dajjal. This will be the Mahdi.

One aspect of Allah's bounty is that before Imam Mahdi, 'alayhi salaam, appears there will appear certain clear signs. He will have certain traits and unique characteristics which do not exist in anyone else. True Muslims will recognise them and not be deceived by false claimants.

This book presents the evidence in the Qur'an and the Sunna for the truth of Imam Mahdi, 'alayhi salaam, and mentions the signs which will precede him.

Table of Contents :


Chapter [1] Evidence in the Qur'an and Sunna for the Reality of the Mahdi,
---Qur'anic Evidence,
---Evidence in the Sunna.

Chapter [2] Statements of the Scholars about the Reality of the Mahdi,
---Peoples positions regarding the Mahdi,
---The hadith ''There is no Mahdi but 'Isa'' is forged,
---The Mahdi in the books of the Jews and the Christians,
---Why he will be called 'Mahdi' ?
---His Physical Description.

Chapter [3] The Signs accompanying the Mahdi,
---The Signs which will precede him,
---The Signs announcing his imminent appearance,
---Despair about the coming of the Mahdi.

Chapter [4] The Emergence of the Sufyani and the Dajjal,
---The Emergence of the Sufyani,
---The Dajjal is the confirmed enemy of the Mahdi,
---The appearance and destructiuon of the Dajjal.

Chapter [5] The Achievements of the Mahdi,
---The Conquest of Constantinople,
---The Liberation of Jerusalem,

Chapter [6] Those Who pave the Way for the Mahdi,

Chapter [7] The Trials Preceding the Mahdi,
---The stay at home trial,
---Few men of knowledge but many reciters,
---Usurious Banks,
---Lack of Trustworthiness,
---The abasement of the Arabs and Islam,
---The estrangement of Islam,
---Refusal to Judge by what Allah has revealed,
---Skyscrapers, the shortening of time and many earthquakes,
---Imitation of the West,
---Women who are clothed yet naked,
---Killer aeroplanes and the terror they inspire,
---Recording machines, spying devices and wild animals,
---The elimination of Men and Knowledge,
---The good qualities of the Europeans,
---The contemptible, lowly and the noble,
---Unbelievers reciting the Qur'an,
---Reversion to Idolatry,
---Abundance of Wealth and Women,
---Earthquakes due to fornication, music and wine,
---Fornication in the middle of the road,
---Desire for Death,
---Insincerity in the Hajj,
---Lack of humility in the Prayer,
---The mountain of gold in the Euphrates,
---Rarity of True Brotherhood,
---The appearance of bad characteristics,
---Aids and other afflictions.


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*Dimensions : 21.5 x 14cm.

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