Shaikhs Answers on: Different Topics

Shaikhs Answers on :
Different Topics
[A5] Paperback/Booklet - 24 pages,
by Shaykh Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani,
Transl. by Shaikh M. ibn Yahya al-Tadifi al-Hanbalion.

Description :

This book has been published with references from amongst the published works of al-Ghawth al-A'zam; Sayyadina Shaykh 'Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani, may Allah be pleased with him. All the states mentioned (below) will assist those seekers treading the spiritual path as consistently mentioned by the Shaykh.

Contents :

---Concerning divinely inspired receivings [Mawarid Ilahiyya]
---Concerning satanic insinuations [Tawariq Shaitaniyya],
---Concerning love [mahabba],
---Concerning the realisation of divine Oneness [Tawhid],
---Concerning detachment [Tajrid],
---Concerning direct knowledge [Marifa],
---Concerning spiritual aspiration [Himma],
---Concerning the highest degree of Remembrance [Dhikr],
---Concerning ardent yearning [Shawq],
---Concerning absolute trust [Tawakkul],
---Concerning contrition [Inaba],
---Concerning repentance [Tawba],
---Concerning this world [ad-Dunya],
---Concerning weeping [Buka'],
---Concerning sufism [Tasawwuf]
---Concerning the difference between exultation [Ta'azzuz] and arrogance [Takabbur]
---Concerning thankfulness [Shukr],
---Concerning patience [Sabr],
---Concerning a good moral character [Husn al-Khulq],
---Concerning acceptance [Akhdh] and rejection [Radd],
---Concerning truthfulness [Sidq],
---Concerning personal extinction [Fana],
---Concerning the survival in perpetuity [Baqa'],
---Concerning the fulfilment of duty [Wafa'],
---Concerning contentment [Rida],
---Concerning self-will [Irada],
---Concerning divine providence ['Inaya],
---Concerning the state of ecstasy [Wajd],
---Concerning fear [Khawf],
---Concerning hope [Raja],
---Concerning sense of shame [Haya],
---Concerning the direct witness [Mushahada],
---Concerning nearness [Qurb],
---Concerning spiritual inebriation [Sukr],
---Concerning the term ''spiritual pauper'' [Faqir].



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  • Written by: Sh. Abd 'al-Qadir al-Jilani

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