The Sultan of the Saints [P]

The Sultan of the Saints:
The Mystical Life & Teachings of
Hazrat Shaykh Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani
*[A5] Hardback with Dustjacket - 347 pages,
by Muhammad Riaz Qadiri,
Published by Talha Publishers, Urdu Bazaar, Lahore.


Final Copy :
Damage to Dust Jacket, and page creases on oversize pages, etc.
General Wear and Tear!

Description :

Islamic Mysticism is misinterpreted and misunderstood in the West thinking it as something alien, adulterated, and superimposed on Islam whereas it is an unalloyed and the purest spiritual dimension of Islam, based entirely on the Holy Qur'an, Sunnah, and Sainthood (Nur-e-Wilayet) of Sayyadina Rasulullah, may Allah Almighty bless him and grant him peace. It is ever shining and illuminating the worlds through unbroken chain of transmission back to the Beloved Messenger.

In the domain of sainthood, Sayyadina al-Ghawth-e-Azam, who is the 'Royal Falcon' of the mystic way, occupies the station of 'Ghausiyyat al-Kubra' (the greatest succourer) since eternity. This most fascinating and luminary figure, better known in the world as the "Sultan of the Saints", is the chief celestial 'winebearer' (metaphor) saturating all the Sufi Orders with that 'wine' of Divine Unity for many centuries.  His beneficiaries i.e., the highest ranking of Awliya-Allah who are accruing spiritual benedictions inwardly have been praising consistently and continuously. There is no break or stoppage.

Based on his own writings, utterrances, discourses and that of the elect mystics of Islam, this publication can be classed as a full-length study of the life, teachings and experience of the great 'Ghawth' elucidating the complete spectrum of sufism (tasawwuf) in the true sense of the term.

In the book the reader is made to understand the real meaning of Islamic mysticism whose 'fountainhead' and 'wellspring' is the Holy Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, himself!  It exposes the glory and contribution of the Qadiriyya order in the spread of Islam and dissemination of Islamic spirituality across the world. The secrets of the dialogue of Ghawth-e-Azam, may Allah sanctify his secret, with The Divine unveil secrets of 'wahdat ul-wujud' and the relationship of man with his Creator. His veridical speeches are inspiring am thought provoking.

The book basically addresses itself to the lovers of Ghaus-e-Azam, the travellers of the Sufi path, and to the students of Islamic theology and mysticism. It is the best source of inspiration and happiness for the followers of the mystical quest and the Qadiri disciples; whether they be beginners or are the experienced journeyman. This book is an excellent addition for all Lovers of Sayyaduna Ghawth al-A'zam, radi Allahu ta'ala anhu.

Table of Contents :


Chapter [I]. Parentage, Birth & Childhood :
---1. Parentage,
---2. Genealogical Detail,
---3. Prophecies and Happy Tidings,
---4. World Fame Prior to Birth,
---5. Birth,
---6. Childhood and Basic Education,
---7. Knowledge of Sainthood.

Chapter [II]. Ghaus-e-Azam: The Era & Period of Time :
---1. Early period,
---2. Persian influence,
---3. Reign of Turkish bodyguard,
---4. Qaramatians Reign of Terror,
---5. Buwayhid supremacy,
---6. Fatimids achievements,
---7. Baghdad under Seljuks,
---8. Khawarizm Shah,
---9. Mongol holocaust,
---10. Note on cultural activites,
---11. Spread of Islam,
---12. Islamic mysticism,
---13. Imam al-Ghazali
---14. The Qadiriyya Order.

Chapter [III]. Sufism : It's Origin and Development :
---1. Origin of Sufism,
---2. Views of some western orientalist's,
---3. Some definitions,
---4. Wilayat - Sainthood,
---5. General traits and characteristics of the Awliya Allah,
---6. Enviable achievements,
---7. Invisible hierarchy,
---8. Historical development,
---9. Sufi orders.

Chapter [IV]. Journey to Baghdad :
---1. Repentance by a band of Robbers,
---2. Entrance in Baghdad,
---3. Plight of educational institutions,
---4. Era of hardships,
---5. Destiny of three Saints,
---6. Meeting with Shaikh Hammad aI-Dabbas.

Chapter [V]. Higher Education.

Chapter [VI]. The Era of Austerity and Asceticism :
---1. Fight with the Satans,
---2. Satan failed to beguile the Shaykh.

Chapter [VII]. Iinitiation and Succession :
---1. Spiritual Lineage of Ghaus-e-Azam.

Chapter [VIII]. The Jamia of Shaykh Abu Sa'eed Mubarak Makhzoomi :
---1. Fatawa' (As a Jurist).

Chapter [IX]. The Spiritual Guides of Ghawth-e-Azam :
---1. Shaykh Hammad al-Dabbas,
---2. Shaykh Abu Sa'eed Mubarak Makhzoomi.

Chapter [X]. The Glory of Ghawth-e-Azam :
---1. Knower of the Divine Secrets,
---2. Spiritual poverty,
---3. Primordial union,
---4. Homage by the Great Saints.

Chapter [XI]. "My foot is on the neck of all the Saints" :
---1. The sphere of this proclamation,
---2. Hadrat Awais Qarni prostrates his head,
---3. The meaning of the proclamation.

Chapter [XII]. The Radinat Qadiriyya Order :
---1. The initiation of Muhiyuddin Ibn al-Arabi,

Chapter [XIII]. Poetry in the honour of Ghawth-e-Azam :
---1. Shaykh Nur 'ud-din Shattanufi,
---2. Khawaja Mu'in al-Din al-Chishti, al-Ajmeri,
---3. Khawaja Qutub 'ud-Din Bakhtyar Khaki,
---4. Hadrat Ali Ahmad Sabir al-Kalyari,
---5. Khawaja Shaykh Baha ud-Din al-Naqshband,
---6. Imam Muhammad bin Sa'eed,
---7. Shaykh Sayyad Muhammad Gesu Daraz,
---8. Mawlana Abd ur Rahman al-Jami,
---9. Shaykh Abdul Haqq Muhaddith al-Dihlawi,
---10. Shah Abu al-Maali al-Qadiri,
---11. Shaykh al-Islam Baha ud-Din Zakariya al-Multani,
---12. Hadrat Sakhi Sultan Bahu,
---13. Shaykh Nurullah Soorti,
---14. Hadrat Mian Muhammad Bakhsh,
---15. Shah Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Barelwi,
---16. Khawaja M. Karimullah Abbasi al-Qadiri,
---17. Sahibzada Shabbir Ahmad Kamal Abbasi,
---18. Mawlana Ghanimat Kunjahee,
---19. Shah Niaz Barelwi Chishti al-Nizami,
---20. Pir Sayyid Naseeruddin Naseer,
---21. Mawlana Ghulam Qadir Grami,
---22. Mawlana Faiz Ahmad Faiz.

Chapter [XIV]. Qasa'id Ghawth-e-Azam :
---1. Qasidah Ghausiyya,
---2. Other Qasa'id,
---3. Praising the Lord in persian language.

Chapter [XV]. Divine communication (Ilhamat-e-Ghaws-e-Azam).

Chapter [XVI]. Illuminating and Inspiring Sermons.

Chapter [XVII]. Teachings of Ghawth-e-Azam :
---1. Tasawwuf,
---2. Reality of Faqr,
---3. Qualities of a true Guide,
---4. Need for spiritual Guide,
---5. Dervish,
---6. Faqr, Faqir,
---7. Lovers of God,
---8. The Chosen Ones,
---9. Company of the Saints,
---10. Kinds of Knowledge,
---11. Degrees of Knowledge,
---12. Patience and Thankfulness,
---13. Acquiescence in Divine Apportionment,
---14. Fear and Hope,
---15. Contraction and Expansion,
---16. Resignation and Acquiescence,
---17. Manifestation,
---18. The Characteristics of Ascetics,
---19. Lower-self,
---20. Obligatorty Duties and Sunnah,
---21. Good Manners,
---22. Life which Has no Death,
---23. Jealousy,
---24. Heart,
---25. Dominion of Heart,
---26. Longing and Yearning,
---27. Four Kinds of World,
---28. Divine Manifestation,
---29. Kinds of Soul,
---30. Types of Mankind,
---31. Pretender Mystics,
---32. Pseudo Savant,
---33. Conception of Allah Almighty,
---34. Lover of the Holy Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace,
---35. Admonitions,
---36. Selections from his Aphorisms,

Chapter [XVIII]. Karamat :
---1. How and why did karamat occur ?
---2. Book on Philosophy,
---3. Visit to the tomb of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal,
---4. Visit to the tomb of Shaykh Maruf Karkhi,
---5. Visit to the tomb of Holy Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace,
---6. Reviving Life,
---7. The chicken bones,
---8. The naughty birds,
---9. Birds making noise,
---10. Priest is defeated,
---11. The ailing son,
---12. The cripple is restored to health,
---13. Muhyiuddin Ibn al-Arabi,
---14. Mustenjid Billah desired to see Karamat,
---15. River Tigris is flooded,
---16. Famine in Baghdad,
---17. Breaking fast at 70 places,
---18. Help during sermon,
---19. From thief to Qutb,
---20. Change of gender,
---21. The radiant staff,
---22. Conversing with a snake,
---23. Trading caravan is saved,
---24. Dog kills a Lion,
---25. The lost camels,
---26. Date-trees fructified,
---27. The radiant finger,
---28. The abducted girl is recovered,
---30. The crazy woman is cured,
---31. A young girl is attacked,
---32. Spiritual benedictions.

Chapter [XIX]. Domestic Life, Routine, Traits and Habits :
---1. Domestic Life,
---2. Daily Routine,
---3. Traits and Habits,
---4. Fascinating Personality,
---5. Illustrious Sons.

Chapter [XX]. Passing away of Sayyadina Ghaws-e-Azam :
---1. Burial (Janazah),
---2. Annual Urs,
---3. Literary Heritage.

Chapter [XXI]. Reality of Giyarween Shareef :
---1. Recompense in the Here-after.

Chapter [XXII]. The Qadiriyya Order: A Brief Survey :
---1. Western Views,
---2. Services of Qadiriyya Order,
---3. West Africa,
---4. Sudan,
---5. Sindh,
---6. Other Regions,
---7. Mongol in the Lap of Islam,
---8. Indian Scene,
---9. Qadiriyya Order in India,
---10. Hazrat Mian Mir and his Legacy,
---11. Qadiriyya Order in Gujranwala,
---12. Qadiriyya Centres in other parts of India.


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*Sub-Continent Print Quality, Condition & Translation. Shelf wear to cover and pages.
Cover is for Illustration purposes only.

*Dimensions : 22.5 x 15cm.



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