Hifz by Raza Academy

Hifz, [Revised Edition],
[A5] Paperback - 112 pages,
Compiled by Mahomed Yunus Abdul Karrim,
Published Imam Ahmad Raza Academy, Durban South Africa.




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Description :

Preface : Al-hamdulilah, you now have before you the Second 'Revised' Edition of the book ; Hifz, which deals with Kalimas, Surah's, Du'as, Salaah, Salawat / Durood. Each has been given explanations of when they should be read and recited, with the benefits, and simple explanations of Qur'anic verses.

This current new edition is completely revised from it's earlier edition. Inlcuded are transliterations of all the kalima's, Surah's, Du'as, Salawat, etc for the benefit of our new Muslims.  

This book is not only beneficial to the younger generation but also to every Muslim who wishes to learn the basics and increase their knowledge with conviction. Thus, there is no excuse! Every single Muslim should familiarise himself with the contents of this book.

Contains 'Activity' sessions end of each Lesson.

Contents :


---Kalima Tayyibah,
---Kalima Shahaadah,
---Kalima Tamjeed,
---Kalima Tawheed,
---Kalima Radd-e-Kufr,


---Niyyah for Two Sunnah of Fajr
---Niyyah for Two Fard of Fajr,
---Niyyah for Four Sunnah of Zuhr,
---Niyyah for Four Fard of Zuhr,
---Niyyah for Two Sunnah of Zuhr,
---Niyyah for Two Nafl of Zuhr,
---Niyyah for Four Sunnah of Asr,
---Niyyah for Four Fard of Asr,
---Niyyah for Three Fard of Maghrib,
---Niyyah for Two Sunnah of Maghrib,
---Niyyah for Four Sunnah of Isha,
---Niyyah for Four Fard of Isha,
---Niyyah for Two Sunnah of Isha,
---Niyyah for Two Nafl of Isha,
---Niyyah for Two Fard of Jum'a,
---Niyyah for Three Witr of Isha.


---Surah al-Fateha,
---Surah al-Ikhlas,
---Surah Naas,
---Surah Falaq,
---Surah Kausar,
---Surah Lahab,
---Surah Nasr,
---Surah Kaafiroon,
---Surah Ma'oon,
---Surah Quraysh,
---Surah al-Fil.
---Surah Asr,
---Surah at-Takathur,
---Surah al-Qadr,
---Surah Inshirah,
---Surah ad-Dhuha,
---Surah Theen,
---Ayat al-Qursi, (Surah Baqarah: Ayah: 255),
---Surah Baqarah (Ayahs 1-5),
---Surah Baqarah (Ayahs 284 - 286),
---Surah Yasin (Ayahs 1-12),
---Surah al-Mulk (Ayahs 1-6),
---Surah Waqi'ah (Ayahs 1-10),
---Surah Hashr (Ayahs 21-24).


---On thanking a Muslim,
---Making an Intention,
---When sneezing,
---When you hear someone sneezing,
---When a loss occurs,
---On hearing good news,
---Before doing anything,
---After drinking water,
---For increase in Knowledge,
---When entering your home,
---When leaving home,
---Before going to bed,
---When you see or experience an evil thing,
---When an evil thought comes to mind,
---After drinking milk,
---When a dog barks,
---When eating elsewhere,
---When entering the Masjid,
---When leaving the Masjid,
---Morning and Evening,
---When things are in your favour,
---At the time of distress,
---On seeing another person in difficulty,
---On bidding somebody farewell,
---When visiting a sick person,
---Some model Du'as,
---When in fever,
---When entering a graveyard,
---On boarding a car or vehicle,
---When looking into a mirror,
---On wearing new clothes,
---Wearing Clothes,
---At the time of drought,
---At the time of Rainfall,
---When you hear thunder,
---On becoming angry,
---A few Durood Shareefs,
---For Isaale Sawaab,








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