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Raza Academy Series

Islamic Deeniyat : Part 2
Islamic Deeniyat : Part 2
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  • Authored by: Imam Ahmad Raza Academy

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Details:  Islamic Deeniyat [Fiqh] Part 2,
[A5] Paperback - 104 pages,
Grades: 4 & 5,

by Mahomed Yunus Abdul Karrim.
Imam Ahmad Raza Academy, Durban South Africa.

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Description :

Foreword :  The Imam Ahmad Raza Academy, from it's inception in 1986, has been striving for the academic and spiritual upliftment of the Muslim Ummah. To impart Islamic Education to our children and to enable them to grow up as practising Muslims in this western society is one of the greatest challenges facing all who are involved in this aim.  Al-hamdulilah, the Raza Academy is proud to present, Islamic Deeniyat (Fiqh) Part 2, a humble contribution towards the system of Madrassah Education.

This book series has been completely revised and updated from the first edition with many notable changes.

Fiqh contains all the laws and regulations that need to be applied to the practical aspects of Islam and great emphasis should be paid to such an important subject as a person's ibadah (worship) depends on the knowledge of fiqh.

The following books were consulted in the research and publication of Islamic Deeniyat; Book 2:

  • ---Ahkaam-e-Shar'iah,
  • ---Fatawa Radawiyyah,
  • ---Bahaar-e-Shar'iah,
  • ---Hamara Islam,
  • ---Qanoon-e-Shar'iah,
  • ---Sunni Bahishti Zewar
  • ---Namaz of Mumin.

Contains 'Activity' sessions at the end of each Lesson.

Contents :

Grade Four

---The Five Major Impurities,



The Importance of Wudu,
Method of Making Wudu,
The Faraa'id of Wudu,
The Sunnan of Wudu,
Actions which break Wudu.

Factors that make Ghusl compulsory,
Method of making Ghusl,
The Faraa'id of Ghusl.

Conditions for Tayyamum,
How to make Tayyamum,
The Faraa'id of Tayyamum,
The Sunnan of Tayyamum,
Objects on which Tayyamum can be performed,
Objects on which Tayyamun cannot be performed,
Actions which break Tayyamum.

---Masah over a bandage or plaster,

The benefits of Salaah,
Salaah Times,
Salaah Timetable,

---Good Conduct,

---Festivals of Islam,

---Salawat or Durood Shareef.

Grade Five

The Wudu
---The mustahabbaat of wudu,
---The makroohaat of wudu,
---When is it mustahab to make wudu?

The Ghusl
---The sunnans of ghusl,
---When is it sunnan to make ghusl?
---When is it mustahab to make ghusl?

The Adhaan
---The words of the Azaan,
---Responding to the Azaan and Iqamah.

The Iqamah

The Salaah
---Forbidden times of Salaah,
---Forbidden times of Nafl Salaah,
---The conditions of Salaah,
---Method of performing the Salaah,
---The Faraa'id of Salaah,
---Waajibaat of Salaah,
---The Sunnah of Salaah,
---Salaah sequence charts.

The adaab (manners) of eating and drinking,

Salawat or Durood shareef.

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