Muhammad : The Perfect Man

Muhammad, ?,
The Perfect Man, 2nd Edition,
*[A5+] Hardback - 352 pages,
by Sayyad Muhammad ibn Alawi al-Maliki,
First English Transl. of; Muhammad; al-Insan al-Kamil, 
Transl. by Khalid Williams,
Foreword by Dr Mostafa al-Badawi,
by Visions of Reality Books, UK.



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Description :

Muhammad, may Allah bless him & grant him peace, the Perfect Man, (al-Insan al-Kamil).

Muhammad; Al-Insan Al-Kamil ranks among the most important works of one of the leading Islamic scholars of recent times. In this book Sayyid Muhammad ibn ?Alaw? al-M?lik?, may Allah be merciful to him, writes with great erudition and love about the perfection of the last of the Messengers, Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, sourcing every point from careful exegesis of ?y?t of Qur??n, well known hadith and episodes from the s?rah.

Following in the esteemed footsteps of Q?d? ?Iy?d, may Allah have mercy upon his soul, whose universally respected ash-Shif?? has always been the benchmark against which other such works are measured, Sayyid Muhammad has nevertheless added immeasurably to this noble tradition and produced a genuinely new work of great insight and b?rakah, may Allah reward him well.

Shaykh Sayyad ibn Alawi al-Maliki, alayhi ar-Rahman :

Born in Makkah in 1946 - Sayyid Muhammad ibn Alawi al-Maliki al-Hasani, may Allah have mercy upon his soul, also died there in 2004 leaving a rich legacy of wide ranging Islamic literature and students who are now teaching the traditional Islamic sciences worldwide. His immense learning and charismatic persona established him as a pivotal figure throughout the Muslim world, having travelling far and wide - attracting large audiences wherever he went.

A gifted polymath he was an expert on many Islamic disciplines having written extensively on many of the traditional Islamic sciences including tenets of faith (aqidah), jurisprudence (fiqh), hadith studies, biography (sirah), tasawwuf, and commentaries (tafsir).

One of Sayyid Alawis’ most celebrated works is Muhammad: Al-Insan Al-Kamil in which he contends that the Message of Islam can only be perfect if the Messenger himself is blessed with perfection. Here the Sayyid’s extensive learning can be glimpsed as he begins to outline the Perfections of the Prophet using his vast knowledge of the Qur'an and Prophetic Sunna. The book is essential reading and will increase the love of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, which is an obligation for all.

Table of Contents :

---Publishers Note to the Second Edition,
---Publishers Note,
---About the Translator,
---Foreword by Dr. Mostafa al-Badawi,,
---Authors Introduction.

Part [I] The Perfection of His Sublime Gifts and Exalted Qualities :

---The Perfection of His Pure and Noble Lineage,

----The Perfection of His Form, and His Beautiful Appearance,
------His Blessed Face,
------His Cheek,
------His Eyes,
------His Head and Browm
------His Nose.

----Prophetic Beauty,
----The Perfect Care he took of his Blessed Appearance,
------The care he took of His Body,
------The care he took of His Hair,
------The care he took of His Eyes,
------The care he took of His Teeth,
------The care he took of His Clothing and Comportment,
------The care he took of the cleanliness of His Home and His Mosque,
------His Blessed Voice.

----The Perfection of the Muhammadan Heart,
---Lessons from the Story of the Opening of His Blessed Breast,
----The Perfection of His Intellect,
---His Vigilance,
---His Amiability in Social Settings,
---His Wise Selection of Envoys,
---His Perfect Physical Strength,
---His Perfect Knowledge,
---His Perfect Eloquence,
---His Perfect Knowledge of Worldly Affairs,
---His Perfect Oratory,
---The Perfect Wisdom of His Way of Calling to Islam.

Part [II] How Allah Gave Him Perfect Protection from all Flaws, & Guarded Him from Enemies, Demons and Sins :

---Allah Almighty's Perfect Protection of Him,
---His Perfect Protection from Satan,
---Allah Almighty's Perfect Protection of Him from all Flaws and Doubts,
---The Author's Own Opinion,
------The First Category,
------The Second Category,
---Concerning the Story of Zayd ibn Haritha, ''And He Found You Wandering, and Guided You'' and another contentious issue,
---Ascribing Sin to His Blessed Person,
---His Moments of Forgetfulness did not negate His Perfection,
---The Issue of the Captives of Badr,
------A further Clarification,
---The Incident of the Date-Palms,
---That Sorcery was worked on Him does not negate His Perfection,
---Did He Ever Curse Anyone ?

Part [III] The Perfection of His Magnificent Character and Noble Attributes,

---His Perfect Mercy,
------His Mercy to the World,
---His Mercy with His Family and Household,
---His Mercy with Children, Orphans, Widows, Sick People, and Others,
---His Mercy with Animals,
---His Perfect Shyness,
---His Perfect Generosity,
---His Perfect Loyalty,
---His Perfect Patience,
---His Perfect Asceticism,
---His Perfect Forgiveness,
---His Perfect Justice,
---His Perfect Humility,
---The Perfect Form of His General Manners,
---His Etiquette of Eating.

Part [IV] The Perfection of His Glorious Feats and Unique Distinctions :

---His Perfectly Clear Distinctions and Dazzling Miracles,
------His Superiority to the Rest of the Prophets,
---The Perfection of the Favours that will be Granted to Him in the Hereafter, and to No Other,
---His Perfect Eminence, as Affirmed by The Book of Allah The Almighty,
---The Perfection of His Worship,
---His Perfect Fear of Allah Almighty.

Part [V] The Perfection of His Political and Military Leadership,

---His Perfect Wisdom in Dealing with Matters of Politics,
---His Perfect Courage,
---His Perfect Military Leadership,
---The Tactics He Employed to Cancel Things from His Enemies,
---His Concern for Knowing the Condition, Numbers, Preparedness and News of His Enemies before Meeting them in Combat,
---His Use of Threats and Fear-Inspiring Warnings to His Enemies before Meeting them in Battle.

Part [VI]  The Perfection of His Ethics in Guiding and Teaching the Muslim Community, and His Kindness Towards All of Them Generally, and Towards His Family and Companions Especially :

---The Most Complete Hadith on the Prophetic Character,
---His Kindness to His Family and Relatives,
---His Kind Way of Conversing with People,
------When Greeting people,
------When Interacting with people,
---The Way He Set Minds at Ease,
---His Excellent Way of Rebuking and Censuring,
---The Perfect Education He Gave the Muslim Community,
---His Devotion to Teaching the Qur'an,
---Exegesis of Qur'an,
---History and Tales of Old,
---His Method of Teaching,
---His Perfect Way of Teaching and Guiding,
---Directing People to Higher Aspirations,
---Supporting Statements with Evidence,
---The Use of Stories,
---The Story of Those Who Spoke in their Cradles,
---Explaining things Using Parables.

Part [VII]  The Perfection of His Law, Which Meets All Human Needs, and Can be Applied to All Times, Without any Alteration or Corruption,

---The Shari'ah of Islam,
------The Shari'ah of Islam and the realities of Life,
------The foundations of Perfection and Excellence in the Shari'ah,
------[1]. Opening the door of ijtihad,
------[2]. The importance given to benefit in the Shari'ah,
------[3]. The recognition of common universal principles,
--------The principle of transactions,
------[4]. The summons to opening the door of knowledge,
------[5]. No obligation to follow any particular school of thought.
---The Meaning and Development in the Shar'iah,
------The exact meaning of ijtihad,
---A False Accusation and Dubious Notion.


---Works Cited,
------Sira Nabawiyyah (Prophetic Biography),
------History and Biography,
------Islamic Law and Literature.


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