Rarities of the Qur'an

  Rarities of the Qur'an,
English transl. of Gara'ib al-Qur'an'
*[A5] Hardback - 200 pages,
by Allama Abd al-Mustafa al-Azmi,
English Transl. by Rana Imran al-Haq.

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'Rarities of the Qur'an' is the first English translation of the famous book 'Gara'ib al-Qur'an' which was originally written in urdu language by the learned scholar and prolific writer Shaykh al-Hadith, Allama Abd al-Mustafa Azmi, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi.  The book lists a (tafsir) commentary on specific topics mentioned below, with ''Lessons of Guidance'' at the end of each section to ensure a clear understanding has been made by the reader.

These traditions clearly show that the Holy Qur'an is more than just a collection of ''Thirty Paras'' - as it is evident inside - it is a treasure of untold wisdom of science and knowledge which will never be exhausted. It has been said by a learned person, ''All Kinds of Knowledge are present in the Holy Qur'an, but the wisdom of the people is unable to comprehend them.''

Allama Abdul Mustafa Azmi
is the son of 'Sadrus Shari'ah' - Allama Amjad Ali Azmi, Rahmatullahi 'alayhi, [author of the renowned encyclopaedic fiqh manual Bahaar-al-Shari'at, and Khalifa of AlaHadrat Imam Ahmad Rida Khan, Radi Allahu ta'ala anhu]. Some other books by the author; Click Here!

Table of Contents

---[1]. The Creation of Adam, alayhi salam,
--------1. Hazrat Hawwa (Eve), alayhi salam,
---[2]. The Vicegerency of Adam, alayhi salam,
---[3]. A list of the different types of knowledge of Adam, alayhi salam,
---[4]. Satan, and what he became!
---[5]. The Torment of the Plague on the Children of Israel,
--------1. The Plague,
--------2. Lesson of Guidance,
--------3. Advantage of the Plague,
---[6]. Safa and Marwa,
---[7]. Seventy Men were Revived after Death,
---[8]. A Historical Debate,
--------1. Who was Namrud ?
---[9]. There will always be Enmity amongst the Human Race,
---[10]. How was the Repentance of Adam, alayhi salam, accepted?
---[11]. The Companions of Jesus (Isa, alayhi salam),
---[12]. The Crusaders against the Apostates,
--------1. Three Apostate Tribes of the Age of Apostleship,
--------2. Seven Renegade Tribes of the Reign of Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, radi Allahu anhu,
--------3. The Renegade Tribe of the Reign of Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, radi Allahu anhu,
---[13]. The Frustration of the Infidels,
---[14]. Islam and Hermitage,
---[15]. Two Great and One Small Enemy,
---[16]. Assassins of the Propehts,
--------1. Martyrdom of Hadrat Yahya, alayhi salam,
--------2. Place of exuecution of Zakariyyah, alayhi salam,
---[17]. A Conspiracy of the Hypocrites,
---[18]. Hadrat Ilyas, alayhi salam,
--------1. Miracles of Hadrat Ilyas, alayhi salam,
--------2. Hadrat Ilyas, alayhi salam, and the Qur'an,
---[19]. Rain during the Battle of Badr,
---[20]. The Battle of Hunayn,
---[21]. The Cave of Sawr,
---[22]. The Mosque Zarar was burnt,
---[23]. Pharoah's Belief was not accepted,
---[24]. Hazrat Nuh's, alayhi salam, Ark,
---[25]. The stone that gushed forth a Flood,
---[26]. Mount Judi,
---[27]. Hazrat Nuh, alayhi salam, son was drowned,
---[28]. How did the storm come to an end ?
---[29]. The thunderbolt that fell upon the impudent disbeliever,
---[30]. Five Enemies of the Prophet, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
---[31]. All modes of conveyance mentioned in the Holy Qur'an,
--------1. The Camel,
--------2. The Horse,
--------3. The Mule,
--------4. The Ass,
---[32]. The Honey-Bee,
---[33]. A decrepit old man,
---[34]. A foolish old woman,
---[35]. Destruction of the village of Hasur,
---[36]. Hazrat Dhu'l Kifl, alayhi salam,
---[37]. Canals will be taken up,
---[38]. Stages of the Creation of Man,
---[39]. The Blessed Tree,
---[40]. Who are the Ashab ar-Rass ?
---[41]. Ashab e Aika's ruin,
--------1. A necessary Elucidation,
---[42]. Migration of Hazrat Musa, alayhi salam,
---[43]. Cobweb of a Spider,
--------1. Spider,
---[44]. Hazrat Luqman Hakim,
--------1. What is Wisdom,
---[45]. What is Trust ?
---[46]. Jinn and Animals subservient,
---[47]. Rule over the Wind?
---[48]. Founts of Copper,
---[49]. Horses of Hazrat Sulaiman, alayhi salam,
---[50]. The Worship of Mountain and Birds,
---[51]. The Hair and the Wings of the Angels,
---[52]. The strap of Abu Jahal's neck,
---[53]. The Prayer of the Bearers of Heaven,
---[54]. Having Children and Being Barren,
--------1. Daughters,
---[55]. Do not Believe in the Information Given by a Transgressor,
---[56]. Angels came as Guests,
---[57]. The Moon was Split into Two Pieces,
---[58]. Do not deride or belittle folk,
---[59]. Iron has descended from Heaven,
---[60]. Generosity of the Companions of the Holy Prophet, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
---[61]. Banishment of the Jews,
---[62]. A Strange Practice,
--------1. A Strange Anecdote,
---[63]. Five renowned and Old Idols,
---[64]. Abu Jahl and Allah's Soldiers,
---[65]. The Night of Power,
--------1. Salutations of the Angels for the Believers,
--------2. Which Night is Shab-e-Qadr?
--------3. Prayers and Supplications of the Valuable Night ?
---[66]. The Earth will speak,
---[67]. The Dignity of the Horses of the Mujahideens'
---[68]. Two Journeys of the Quraysh,
---[69]. Reconciliation between Infidelity and Islam,
---[70]. Some attributes of Allah Almighty,
---[71]. The Qur'an - An Inexhaustible Treasure of Knowledge and Science.

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  • Written by: Allama Abdul Mustafa Azmi

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