Ilm ul Qur'an

[A5] Hardback - 218 pages,
by Mufti Ahmad Yar Khan Naeemi al-Ashrafi.
English Transl. by : Prof Sayyad Mazhar Ali Adeeb,
Published by Naeemi Kutub Khana, Pakistan.



About this book -

As the words of a speaker translate his inner message, the translation of the speech reflects its general meaning (tenor). While evaluating the translation of a speech or a piece of writing, it is seen how faithfully the translation presents its underlying idea. The quality of the translation signifies its true standard. The translation which does not clarify the correct idea of the text or if it fails to convey its true sense comprehensively, it is not considered a good translation. Nor can one expect fruitful results or rewarding benefits from such translation. Conequently it is very important to see that the real message of the word is not lost while translating it. All men of learning know full well that on the eve of such critical nature, even a slight error can become the cause of acute disagreement and a little negligence can give rise to sectarian chaos. Differences occurred in belief and doctrine, not only in the Qur'an but in aHadith too.

'Hakeem al-Ummah' - Mufti Ahmad Yar Khan Naeemi, May Allah be pleased with him, has embodied all such issues concerning translation, that have become disputed these days. He has elaborated all the rules of translation of terminology and proved their authenticity and accuracy with the help of cogent reasons and arguments so that the readers may differentiate between correct and incorrect translation and thus, save himself from possible error.

Table of Contents :

---Publishers Note,
---Translators Note,

--Chapter [I] Qur'anic Terms, (Pages 33 - 111)
---Calling the Deceased, etc.

--Chapter [II] Rules of Translation, (Pages 113 - 162)
---meanings and

--Chapter [III] Qur'anic Issues, (Pages 163 - 207)
---Awliya's Karamat,
---Allahs Beloved See & Hear,
---Erecting Memorials & Commemorating Imporant Dates,
---Respect of the Pious & du'a made at their shrines,
---Indentification of the True Religion,
---Doing benediction/Blessing by 'Damm' Durood,
---Status of Sahaba-e-Kiram,
---Birth of Jesus, (Isa, alayhi 'salam) without Father.


Excellent reference book for silencing those misguided on aqidah.



[Sub-Continent Print / Translation Quality]



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  • Written by: Mufti Ahmad Yaar Khan Naimi

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